31 January 2005

The Blog Virus

Over the past few days, we have been working on making blogit work. There are still a few quirks, but our software guy is on top of things.

I was just pleasantly surprised because at this stage in our promoting blogging in our office, there have been a couple of people that went ahead and created their personal blogs! Previously, as far as I know there were only two of us here who blogged: me and Pauline. Then I learned that our software guy has his own blog too. That makes 3 of us.

We welcome three new people in the blogging community:
Chu the Man - Anthony (our colleague in Marketing) actually got a blog way ahead of Pauline and mine, but he never got to jumpstart it. He now has one again due to peer pressure :-)
Dessa Girl - Dessa is our good friend from HR. And she's got the blog virus real bad. ehehehe. She has nice posts rolling up.
Princess Em - Emily is one of our Managers who got to travel abroad last December, and is now sharing photos and experiences in her blog.

It's fun because we learn something more about each other; things usually considered trivial in a conversation but are unique traits of a person is reflected in the blog, and it makes these people even more unique and interesting.

So blog on!


  1. yo! natawa naman ako sa commnet mo sa hardin ko. Madalas kasi yung ibang links ko nasa kusina. Ikaw lang ang directly nag-link sa hardin ko eh...

    I checked your other blogs as well...Aliw naman ako sa ginawa mo sa photo ng Baguio. Kaya lang, I am not familiar with the place kaya I can't relate...

  2. Hello Manang! post ka pa ng interesting topics sa hardin ha! Pag natapos na ang winter.

  3. Hello Manang! Your blogs are also fun to visit. Nakakagutom nga lang sa kusina :-)

  4. hello again, mr. watson! thanks for the welcome! hope i could make a million posts in my blog! =)


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