16 March 2005

Where to live?

I have been renting out an apartment for the longest time now, and I have been wondering when I can get a place of my own for my family. I have always desired to live in a place where there the busy city life won't be so evident. We have previously been scouting for a place in Laguna, but we had to stop looking temporarily as there are expenses that need our attention in the very near future.

I did not like living in a condominium unit too, for I would love to have my own porch where we can have barbeque with friends, plant trees, vegetables and flowers, and occasionally camp out just for fun! But with the ever increasing traffic going into and out of Manila, that seems quite a farfetched idea, especially with my notorious habit of sleeping late and waking up late. Work would never agree with my having a home too far from the office. *sigh*

Guess you really can't have everything you want, huh?
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