29 June 2005

Gastronomic Delights

I had a wonderful lunch!  People eating in the office pantry would, as customary to Filipinos, share their ulam (viand) and rice.  And today somebody brought Bicol Express!  This spicy concoction is a heap of peppers, ground beef and coconut milk.  It's actually way too spicy for me, but taken in moderation, spicy food like this definitely increases your appetite!

And since we're on the subject of food, here are some of my other favorites:

Longganisa (sausage) - I love this round, red variety.  Mix the oil into your rice and it's longganisa heaven!  I also like the longganisa made from Vigan.  They're light brown in color, small like the one pictured above, and simply mouth-watering!

Tapsilog - a concatenation of the words TAPa (beef) - SInangag (fried rice) - itLOG (egg), this popular combination is ideal for breakfast, but many food shops now offer it for lunch and dinner as well.

Camoteng salad (sweet potato salad) - Actually there aren't any sweet potato in this number, but rather its steamed, edible leaves and stems.  Mixed with vinegar, tomatoes and onions, this easy-to-make recipe is an excellent companion to fried dishes.

Pritong Saba (fried bananas) - for snacks!

Fried bangus (fried milkfish) - this came with the camoteng salad my mother-in-law served us in one of our meals.  The milkfish is marinated prior to frying.  Yummy!

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