11 June 2005

Third time's a charm

I   watched Episode III for the third time the other night. I was surprised actually when the cinema was 80% occupied, to think that Madagascar and Mr. and Mrs. Smith were already showing too. Perhaps they were also in the same mindset, that it's the last Star Wars installment after all.

The third time's a charm. I was able to better appreciate the other, more subtle effects of the film. I noticed in my first screening the cameo appearance of the Millenium Falcon at the Jedi Temple. Then one of our boss at the office mentioned that the guy watching the Death Star construction towards the end looked like Grand Moff Tarkin (to tie it up with Episode IV), and in this third time was I able to see that he was right.

It was rather disturbing to see Padme give up on living inspite of her having two newborn kids, Luke and Leia. She was portrayed as a strong woman in the person of Queen Amidala and Senator Padme, often in the midst of battles. But in Episode III her love ultimately became her demise. I think her death here was meant to make the story more cohesive, in that her kids were adopted towards the end. Padme would never have let herself be separated from her kids had she been alive. But it did create an inconsistency with Episode 6, where Leia says she remembers her mother as being beautiful, yet sad.

The ending was memorable; Luke's theme played in the background as he was born, then Leia's them was next as she was brought to the world. Many said the ending looked cut short, and they yearned for more. Which is probably why I saw demand for borrowing my Episode 4-6 DVDs.

In my readings, I also learned that the actors for R2D2 and C3PO were the only ones who got parts in all 6 episodes.

I love Episode 3, but I think the best story is still Episode 5, The Empire Strikes Back.

Thus the circle is complete. A celebration of fine storytelling that spanned more than 2 decades.


  1. Gee, I haven't even seen the movie and you've seen in thrice already (with matching analysis of effects, cameo roles and plot inconsistencies).

    Where did you get the SW DVDs again?

  2. Oy Cherry! I know what you're thinking! Mine's the original DVD set costing P3,200.00. It was a birthday gift :-). Lucky me!

  3. Leia could have been referring to seeing her mother in pictures as looking beautiful, yet sad. What kind of camera would they have had then?

    Although, Lucas has said he wouldn't produce episodes 7-9, I'm still guessing that after another 20 years when he can get three generations hooked, he may reconsider like he did episodes 1-3.

  4. Hello Mr. Abbey! That's a thought. Maybe she did see her in photos taken during the conflicts.

    I had this episode II original DVD (a friend borrowed it and never returned it to me), and there was this deleted scene where Padme was tidying up her room. There were moving photos in the wall. They would have something like that.

    After 20 years, how old would we be? I'll be well past my 50s. Oh well. If ever there'll be episodes 7-9 then, I will surely be in line.

  5. I just remembered! In the middle of the war at the start of the film, a starfighter gets blown up and the pilot gets thrown off into oblivion.

    They did a similar stunt in the meteorite field at Empire Strikes Back when a Tie Fighter gets hit. But in this case they did it for pranks; you can only see it on a stop-motion player.

  6. And now it's time to grow up. :)

  7. R2D2 and C3PO were the real bidas of these movies. he he he.

    grabe you're really into this movie! 3rd time?! wow!

  8. Ahehehe Toni naman. Simpleng kaligayahan lang po. Yehey!

    Hi Amie! R2 is really a feisty one, as said in Return of the Jedi. Kwela!


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