29 June 2005

Gastronomic Delights

I had a wonderful lunch!  People eating in the office pantry would, as customary to Filipinos, share their ulam (viand) and rice.  And today somebody brought Bicol Express!  This spicy concoction is a heap of peppers, ground beef and coconut milk.  It's actually way too spicy for me, but taken in moderation, spicy food like this definitely increases your appetite!

And since we're on the subject of food, here are some of my other favorites:

Longganisa (sausage) - I love this round, red variety.  Mix the oil into your rice and it's longganisa heaven!  I also like the longganisa made from Vigan.  They're light brown in color, small like the one pictured above, and simply mouth-watering!

Tapsilog - a concatenation of the words TAPa (beef) - SInangag (fried rice) - itLOG (egg), this popular combination is ideal for breakfast, but many food shops now offer it for lunch and dinner as well.

Camoteng salad (sweet potato salad) - Actually there aren't any sweet potato in this number, but rather its steamed, edible leaves and stems.  Mixed with vinegar, tomatoes and onions, this easy-to-make recipe is an excellent companion to fried dishes.

Pritong Saba (fried bananas) - for snacks!

Fried bangus (fried milkfish) - this came with the camoteng salad my mother-in-law served us in one of our meals.  The milkfish is marinated prior to frying.  Yummy!


  1. nagutom naman ako dyan...

    i can't eat yet...bukas pa ng umaga coz of this stupid blood test...hehehehehe...

    pero sarap ng longanisa lalo na if you buy them in palengke...


  2. After reading your blog this morning, I suddenly have an urge to catch the next flight to Manila just so I can get some of the foods. That or get my wife to show me how to make them.

  3. My birthday tomorrow, I guess we're heading to a nice Filipino Restaurant. I suddenly felt the craving for Pinoy foods. Naglalaway ako sa pictures mo sa entry mo.

    My response to your comment:

    WATSON, welcome to my blog, which we can call our "cyberclassroom" *wink*! Feel free to join the discussion, let us know your thoughts about the ideas I present here. How's the new baby? Thanks for sharing, your father must be really proud of you now. People like Carla and your father never cease to amaze me. They remind me to never let a problem be an excuse. Hats off to your father!

  4. masarap yung pritong saba mo ha. dala ka nyan tomorrow sir nick!

    question, miss mo na si jo-lo?

  5. gusto ko mag-FT(Food Trip)! nyahahaha!!! ok sakin lahat except yung saging. hindi ako mahilig sa saging eh. chickenjoy talaga paborito ko.

  6. tsarap naman.. gutom tuloy ako.. wehehe .. paborito ko rin yung mga "SILOG" any variety.. basta sangag uhmmm patok yun sa akin... tanong lang po?? yung longanisa nyo bakit maliit? yan ba yun longanisang lukban?

  7. Anonymous2:27 pm

    iba yung longganisang lucban, masarap din yun... kakatapos ko lang mag lunch, pero ginutom ulit ako sa post mo, hehehe.

  8. Anonymous3:18 pm

    Grabeh sobrang nakakagutom!!! Buti na lang malapit na ang lunch break...

  9. Hello follen. Good luck sa blood test. Sana pumasa ka. hehehe

    Naomi! Puntahan ko blog mo mamaya para malaman kung bakit miss mo na pinoy food.

    Hello Mr. Abbey! I'm sure your wife can make these relatively simple dishes for your dining pleasure!

    Teacher Sol! Happy, happy birthday! Enjoy your Filipino feast!

    Hi dessagirl. Actually yung pritong saba, sa Baguio ko pa kinunan yan. And yes, miss ko na si Jo-Lo kaya uuwi ako this weekend :-)

    Chu the man! Masarap yung saba sa pochero. O sa nilagang baboy ba yun?

    Hello Airwind! Oo nga, parang pinoy equivalent ng fastfood ang SILOG varieties ano? Come to think of it, di ko alam kung anong tawag sa longganisa na ito...

    Hello darkblak. Di ko ata alam yung longganisang lucban ah. Makapagtanong-tanong nga ...

    Hello Sasa! Enjoy your lunch! Katatapos ko lang.

  10. Anonymous7:36 pm

    Ang sarap naman niyan. Mukhang alam ko na kung ano almusal ko tomorrow. :)

  11. AAAARRGHHH!! tap-si-log!!!! kakamiss hehehe.

  12. missed those food na!!!! missed also eating in pantry where everyone's sharing food...mmmwwaaaahhh kaya pala ako pumapayat, nakakalimutan ko na kumain sa dami ng trabaho ko..

  13. looks like you posted everything on your table ha bespren... lagot ka pag nagka camera phone ako or digital cam.... mapupuno ng husto ang blog ko...

  14. shaks nick! naglalaway ako parang gusto kong umuwi ng pinas!!! nammmmmmmmm

  15. Hello Toni! I lab Filipino breakfast!

    Hi Amie! Yumburger? :-)

    Silentmode! Bigla kong naalala, pumupunta ako sa blog mo noon tapos nawala ko yung link kasi di ko pa alam blogrolling at nasira computer ko. So good to see you again!

    Hello Princess Em! Uuuuyyy diet...

    G! Alam mong blogger ang isang tao kapag nakita mo syang kinukunan ng photo ang paakain bago kainin :-)

    Hi CheH! Pinoy talaga, mahilig kumain!


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