23 June 2005

Jo-lo has a blog!

Baby Jo-lo decided to have his own blog. He wants to start early! We'll help him out in posting photos and articles, and then he will take over once he's gotten the hang of blogging and start spending time online. Do visit him from time to time at josecarl0s.blogspot.com. Thanks!

(Thanks to Cherry for this nifty idea!)


  1. I did? Was this a rare lucid moment in between caffeine withdrawals and a sleep befuddled stage? :)

    Anyway, will Jo-lo be on record as the youngest blogger ever?

    BTW, Nick. Ang braso. Walang ka-muscle definition.Time to work out by carrying your baby around and hand washing cloth diapers! :P

  2. aww .. that was sweet....

  3. Congrats, congrats, congrats!

  4. ang cute niyo pareho sir nick. parang pareho kayong lasheng! bwehehehe

  5. Hi Cherry! Relax moment yan kaya di defined ang muscles hwehwehwe

    Ayos ba Airwind? :-)

    Thanks Tintin!

    Ssshhh! Quiet Chu!

  6. Anonymous10:48 pm

    Starting them young huh? How cute! I'll hop right over!


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