25 June 2005

Yay! Blogger now incorporates image insertion into posting!

Finally! Blogger has added an image in sertion utility into the editor! And I simply had to try it out. This is the small setting.

Hmmm... it's a bit slower than expected though. And the size of the photo could have been defined in pixels rather than small-meduim-large.

Here's a photo of me and Jo-Lo in one of our burping sessions. He takes some time to burp so sometines I let him lie on my chest and I gently tap his back.

I'll be back in Manila next week. Until then!


  1. ang cute nyoo.....so chubby...hehehehe...

    this is a nice photo sir nick!!!

  2. Ang cute naman ni Jo-lo...

    btw, teach me naman how you do the pictures on the left with the write-ups on the right side right away...sa akin kc my write-up always start at the bottom of the pictures. Also, how u do the pictures be put at the center or at the right side? mine kc always on the left side...

  3. was jo-lo crying in the pic?

  4. Thanks fisherpau!

    Princess Em! Dun sa posting window ng blogger, meron nang insert photo! Nasa upper right yung button. May instructions sa blogger homepage pag nag log-in ka. Pero basically you choose your photo, the alignment and size, then type away!

    Hi Dessagirl! Di po, nagma-mutter sya ng baby words. Siguro complaining. hehehe.

  5. unfortunately, di pa siya visible sa mac. I might need to upgrade my OS (which I can't do right now). Sigh.

    BTW, wala talagang muscle definition ang braso. tsk tsk.

  6. Ang ganda ng picture na ito! Sweet dad ka pala, swerte ni Jo-lo at ng wife mo.

    Di ba ikaw yung nag-leave ng message sakin nung isang araw? Naka-link sayo eh. Di bale, maganda naman ang sinabi ng troll mo, hehehe.

    Here's the quote and my comment, kung di mo nabasa:

    "I just noticed we started blogging at the same month last year, July 2004!" -Watson

    Technically, that's true. I started blogging end of July 2004 with this blog being my test blog. In the header was written "My Heart Whispers" and it was an anthology of poems I give as examples to my students for their class digital anthology. I updated once a month, because I was focused in another blog, MY DIGITAL BOOK (www.teachersol.blog-city.com), my lifestory according to me from birth 'til present.

    Then I got bored with the drama of my DIGITAL BOOK, I wanted something more interactive. Less than two months ago, I decided to change the title of the header of this blog, the layout, etc...and the poems were set aside in the links. This Teacher Sol blog was born, updated almost everyday except on weekends.

    Many thanks to all of you, MY DEAR BLOGGER FRIENDS, for giving me more appetite to write. Your comments are very encouraging, and I learn a lot from your blogs too when I do my rounds (blog hopping).

    Your birthday greetings are overwhelming. Proof that my blog is doing its job of... creating good friendship with fellow bloggers, being fun & interactive, imparting quality information through my entries, and most of all, being proactive and inspiring.

    Let's countinue our symbiotic relationship of teaching and learning from each other. Thank you so much everyone!


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