09 June 2005

Getting thrifty at Thrift shops

I felt I had to do something other than spend the Sunday afternoon in couch potato mode, so last weekend I checked out Evangelista Street to look for a car shop that can fix the rubber guard on the front side windows of Blackie. After getting a couple of "bring your car over and we'll see" comments, I got a clue and decided to bring Blackie along the next time.

shop3And then I chanced upon the row of thrift shops which my wife and I visit when we have the time (and money). It was a nice walk going in and out of the stores. I saw beautiful Japanese bowls at P100 each. There were Japanese dolls encased in glass that sold for P2,000+ each, and an assortment of odds and ends (magazines, books, clothing, bric a brac). These I shied away from; the apartment is already cluttered with toys and what-have-you that it's starting to look like a store already!

One shop I like visiting specializes in old music. They play old songs while you browse their goodies. They also have a nice selection of long-playing records.

shop4It's been a while since I finished reading Narnia and re-read Book 4 of Harry Potter, so I looked around for some good reading materials. I got a Magic Eye book (not really for reading, but for looking at 3D images) for P40 (down from P50, and it's hardbound!), and Stranger at the Gates for P10 (this title I thought was vaguely familiar. And then I remembered Enemy at the Gates. Oh well. At 10 pesos, I wouldn't mind reading this novel).

shop2Many shops boast of dinnerware in excellent condition but at a much lower cost. There are also chandeliers, golf clubs, baby things, and toys. These shops are very near the market area located somewhere in the middle of Evangelista Street in Makati. Drop by and prepare for some haggling fun!
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