25 July 2006

The 500 peso update

A couple of hours after posting the previous article, my 500 pesos got turned into loose change due to the following tasks(inspite of my to-do list to save up; didn't realize it was going to be difficult!). But I also got some freebies along the way.

- got a taxi ride from office to Dusit for occular inspection with Follen. Damage: 40.00 (Booooo!)
- hungry! had to eat after the occular. Went straight to Wendy's. Damage: 55.00 (Boooo!)
- It was Princess Em's birthday yesterday! Happy birthday Em! She invited me and Follen for food and chat. It became dinner (Yeeeees!)
- a friend gave me 100.00 in exchange for the "Some kind of wonderful" VCD I bought him last Friday (Yeesss!)
- bought a sick friend dinner. Damage: 71.00 (Good deed forthe day)
- got a taxi ride going home. It was 9PM already and slightly raining. Damage: 60.00 (Booo!)

Spent: 226.00 Remaining: 374.00

- got to office through carpooling without paying for it (Yeeesss!)
- lunch at Jollijeep. Damage: 52.00 (Gotta eat!)
Follen's first time to eat in a Jollijeep

So what do you think? Will my 500 pesos last til weekend?
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