12 July 2006

Happy 2nd Anniversary to me!

Last year sometime in June, I said to myself I will celebrate my one-year anniversary on July! Well, that came and went.

Last month, I said to myself I will celebrate my second-year anniversary on July! July 2 came and went! Oh well. It's been a very very busy month. I will try to make time and celebrate before July comes and goes.

I went back to my first post and I said:


I've been hearing about this blog thing a couple of years now but didn't realize how easy it is to get one til I checked out Google services (I was looking for gmail).

Anyhow, I'll be posting photos and my thoughts on movies and whatever things I wanna write about. I'm gonna love this."

Well, I think for the most part, I have been blogging more about food and places than movies. :-) But one thing is true: I love blogging.

I love the way I am able to write my thoughts and share it with my ever-growing circle of blog friends.
I love sharing my adventures and experiences.
I love visiting other blogs all over the world!
Lotsa love!

It's been a year of surprises and fun. Here's to more blog posts, and more friends!


  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY sa blog mo.

    let's toast to that =D

  2. Yup, this stuff sort of gets under your skin. I get a little lazy at times, but it always seems like I have two or three posts simmering somewhere.

    I notice you have a counter. I put sitemeter on mine about 3 weeks ago and it's really cool checking out the stats, where are the people reading me, how did they find me, what posts are the most popular, etc... Have you learned anything, acquired any insights from your counter Wat?

  3. happy anniversary! tagal mo na pala, abutin ko kaya ang 2 yrs?

    More power! Sana magtagal pa ang blog mo tito nick.

  4. to my hiking buddy wu luvs blogging all day ...... hapi aniv bro

  5. hapapapi aniniversari ser!

    keep on blogging!

  6. maligayang bati!

  7. happy anniversary!

    tama ka nakaka enjoy mag blog.

  8. congratulations Kuya Nick! ang galing...ako kaya, hanggang kailan aabutin?

  9. Salamat Kadyo!

    Come to think about it Phil, I haven't been fiddling around with my stat counter. Will check it out and perhaps blog about it!

    Salamat Ann! Time flies when you're having fun, ika nga.

    Backpackers, sabi naman sa yo hindi lang blogging ginagawa ko maghapon sa opis eh! hehehe

    Salamat Jeff!

    Thanks Meowok!

    Cruise, nakilala kita dahil sa blogging!

    Jairam, di mo mamamalayan ang daan ng panahon sa blogging.

  10. Anonymous7:43 pm

    Happy anniversary dearest!!! ... more years to come... Mwah


  11. Anonymous2:22 pm

    Happy anniversary, Watson. Ang sweet naman ng wife mo. :)

  12. Halos sabay lang pala tayo nagumpisa. HAPPY BLOGGERVERSARY!!! :-D yep, kaka addict talaga.

  13. Uppps,, happy anniversary, Nic. Ako nga di ko na-celebrate iyong 1st year anniv ko, nawala sa isip ko. But korek ka ang sarap mag-blog. Imagine 3 ang weblogs ko. You can also visit me at http://lani6366.wordpress.com. Sabay plugging pa ha. Halata bang wala akong magawa? lol

  14. Anonymous5:49 pm

    Keep up the good work
    » » »


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