25 July 2006

The 500 peso update

A couple of hours after posting the previous article, my 500 pesos got turned into loose change due to the following tasks(inspite of my to-do list to save up; didn't realize it was going to be difficult!). But I also got some freebies along the way.

- got a taxi ride from office to Dusit for occular inspection with Follen. Damage: 40.00 (Booooo!)
- hungry! had to eat after the occular. Went straight to Wendy's. Damage: 55.00 (Boooo!)
- It was Princess Em's birthday yesterday! Happy birthday Em! She invited me and Follen for food and chat. It became dinner (Yeeeees!)
- a friend gave me 100.00 in exchange for the "Some kind of wonderful" VCD I bought him last Friday (Yeesss!)
- bought a sick friend dinner. Damage: 71.00 (Good deed forthe day)
- got a taxi ride going home. It was 9PM already and slightly raining. Damage: 60.00 (Booo!)

Spent: 226.00 Remaining: 374.00

- got to office through carpooling without paying for it (Yeeesss!)
- lunch at Jollijeep. Damage: 52.00 (Gotta eat!)
Follen's first time to eat in a Jollijeep

So what do you think? Will my 500 pesos last til weekend?


  1. I think it would take a long time before I eat in manang luz restaurant by the street again...my stomach went funny...thats why I had to eat something sweet...

    I love her lumpiang shanghai though, like the ones you and francis buy all the time.

  2. an in response to your 500 bucks...hahahahahahaha....

    thats all folks :)

    be very frugal like Princess Em...that remaining cents would go places....

  3. Tara Follen balik ulit tayo sa Jollijeep!

  4. tama yan sir nik matuto ka kumain ng pagkaing mahirap.... puro ka kasi pasarap sa buhay eh...

  5. honestly? i dont think that will hold up until this weekend. sabi ng accounting sa tuesday pa daw sweldo.. o hinde! hehe..

    but if you can stretch it til friday, then that's great! ako hindi pwede. pamasahe ko araw araw si 112. awat na!

  6. alam mo sir nick, may binasa akong libro lately lang about saving money. nakalimutan ko lang yung title eh. shet. anyway, ok sya. inaaply ko na yung mga natutunan ko dun. pero para talaga makapagipon, kailangan talaga magsacrifice.

    guess what?! hindi na muna ako nanunuod ng sine, hindi ako bumibili ng kung ano ano at hindi na din ako UMIINOM!!!!!!!! promise!!!! limang basong beer palang ang naiinom ko simula ng dumating ako dito. namimiss ko na malasing at makatulog sa sahig...

  7. chu oh chu is that you fat chu?


    sir nick...akin na si breakfast club...dali lets watch SUKOB :)

  8. kelan kayo nood sukod??? sama ako!!!

  9. I've always wondered why trikes in AC cost so much more than taxis in Manila? You sure get a lot more for your money in the Manila taxi.

    Wat, you need to start "brown bagging" it man. Restaurant eating is going to be the "death" of what's left of your pesos dude.


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