06 July 2006

Nang dahil sa kumukutitap na kulisap

This month's topic at Blogkadahan (a group blog) is about leisure moments. What do you do during your free time?

I wrote a piece about my latest interest: trekking. It's written in Filipino [I get to write a lengthy piece in my local language once a month through Blogkadahan :-)]

Head on over to Blogkadahan for my piece entitled "Nang dahil sa kumukutitap na kulisap."

And visit the posts of the other blogkadahan members for their doodles, paintings, and quiet-time activities!


  1. okay yan ah, pupuntahan ko ang site :)

  2. well remember my story about the fireflies

  3. Hindi pala blogger yung blogkadahan nyo, palagay ko nga sa blogger may problema rito.


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