19 July 2006

Road trip!

I am increasingly finding myself on the road these days. It's because I want to go to Baguio to unwind even for a day and be with my family, rather than spend the entire weekend in the apartment by my lonesome.

So I brave the 6-hour trip to Baguio and back by bus. I think I've even become accustomed to it already! I take the midnight-to-early morning trips so I can sleep the trip through. But sometimes they play songs that are not rather to my liking, or they have the lights on at all times. These make it difficult to sleep.

But adjust I must so I will sleep less when I get to Baguio. And in the quest for making myself comfy in these trips, I found the following handy:

Pillow. I like taking the window seat so I can prop the pillow between the headrest and the window, get into sleeping position, and doze off. I don't take bathroom breaks at stopovers anyway.

There's also this pillow that you put at the back of your neck to support you while you lull yourself to sleep with your mouth open (harharhar). I haven't tried these yet though. There's also an inflatable version of this.

Blanket. Ah yes. I have gotten so accustomed to going to Baguio on weekends that I usually go with just shorts, shirts, and slippers on. What to do about the oftentimes unnatural airconditioned coldness in the bus? Blankets! Pictured is a turban-like thing I bought in my recent Davao trip. I also have the malong, a cylindrical clothing that does the job too in making me comfy.

Aside from this, I also bring a bonnet for good measure. I can pull it over my eyes when I don't want to be disturbed by the occasional turning on of the overhead lights.

Entertainment. When you arrive early, there's really nothing much to do at the terminal and inside the bus. So I bring along a book. I have also installed games on my phone. I wish I can watch movies with a PSP but I don't have one.

More entertainment! I don't have an iPod too, but this mp3 player Chu gave me a couple of months ago does the job. I no longer have to suffer listening to the bus' radio station of choice. I just plug into my mp3 collection and in a matter of minutes I doze off. Yeah, it's quite a waste on battery power but hey, I'd rather listen to my tunes than sit like a zombie and listen to whatever they're playing.

Nourishment. Frankly, the food at the stopovers suck. The bread is dry like it's been there for weeks, the burgers and sandwiches stale. I haven't tried rice meals yet but I don't want to get left behind, and I'm not sure if it's a good idea to eat rice in the bus. Kinda messy, huh? So I bring along my food and water! I get off at stopovers only when I need to use the men's room.

Now, if only I can do something about my snoring ...

Want to share your survival tactics for long trips?


  1. Kakapagod naman pala skedyul mo tito nick.

    Nag long trip na rin kami once, may lahar noon, wala kaming choice kasi flight namin kinabukasan. From Bataan, dumaan ng Olongapo, Zambales yung bus umikot ng Tarlac at Pampanga deretso ng Manila. Sarado kasi ang Bacolor noon. Hirap may baby pa kaming kasama.

  2. Good tips Watson. I've made that trip several times and it is never very enjoyable. I mostly try to sleep with my head rattling on the window. Fortunately I have a hard head.

  3. hope you dont mind, youre tagged!

  4. for my survival tips. i suggest eating less and having some stomach tablets. you'll never know when those nuclear weapons might explode... but when they do, its DEVASTATING!?!

  5. yan din ang basic needs ko Kuya - water, IPOD, blanket book and pillow ;)

  6. alam mo ba araw araw ganyan din ako for many many years na. i live in QC and I work in Gen Trias Cavite. I can relate sa kwento mo, kasi pareho tayo ng paraphernalia.... hehe

  7. Hello Ann. Grabe ah parang tour of Luzon!

    Ed, I tried sleeping with my head against the window and it rattled my brain endlessly. hence the pillow :-)

    Balikbayan, i cannot promise ha. Marami nang nabigo na nag-tag sa akin eh hehehe

    Uy thanks kuazee! And thanks for dropping by too!

    Jairam, yung iba ang hilig non-stop kwento sa bus na malakas. Magkakasundo tayo :-)

    Layo naman ng byahe mo Cruise!

  8. i think you really have all the basics needed to keep you comfy. but instead of a blanky, i bring a jacket. i loooooovee jackets. but i dont travel that much tho..

  9. now how big is your bag? heehee

    j/k but you covered the basic essentials there. and always good to pack extra batteries just in case...


    where is your contribution for the grouo blog huh? curious as to what you will post.

    keep safe and well...

  10. I'm jealous WAt. I still can't post pics. I wonder if it has something to do with my firewall. Any idea?

    That trip to Baguio. No way man! How do you do it? I think I'd take my "knock out" pills to keep me unconcious on the ride.

    I don't blame you though. When I was separated from my family by about a five hour drive between Rantoul, Illinois and Birch Run, Michigan, I made the drive every other weekend or so. My problem then was STAYING awake. Slapping myself worked only for so long.

  11. nung nagpunta kami ni papa olan ng baguio, there was this guy sitting opposite to us who was all covered up in a blanket, he never stirred the entire trip... after reading this, i am now wondering if that was you. :D


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