12 July 2006

Happy 2nd Anniversary to me!

Last year sometime in June, I said to myself I will celebrate my one-year anniversary on July! Well, that came and went.

Last month, I said to myself I will celebrate my second-year anniversary on July! July 2 came and went! Oh well. It's been a very very busy month. I will try to make time and celebrate before July comes and goes.

I went back to my first post and I said:


I've been hearing about this blog thing a couple of years now but didn't realize how easy it is to get one til I checked out Google services (I was looking for gmail).

Anyhow, I'll be posting photos and my thoughts on movies and whatever things I wanna write about. I'm gonna love this."

Well, I think for the most part, I have been blogging more about food and places than movies. :-) But one thing is true: I love blogging.

I love the way I am able to write my thoughts and share it with my ever-growing circle of blog friends.
I love sharing my adventures and experiences.
I love visiting other blogs all over the world!
Lotsa love!

It's been a year of surprises and fun. Here's to more blog posts, and more friends!
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