10 July 2006

A life without Television

When I moved most of my things to Baguio last month, along with these went my beloved television. It was my companion for 6 or so years, and it gave me wonderful couch-potato moments after work. The local channels, Discovery, HBO, Star, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network ... what fun!

In my new place, I only rent a room which is part of a bigger pad. My companion has two TV sets: one in his room, and another in the living. But I hesitate to open the one in the living room. I have gotten so accustomed to having my own TV that using others' set is quite disconcerting. What if there's a power surge and the TV explodes? Wat if I drop the remote control and it get broken into a million pieces? What if I fall asleep in front of the TV and he arrives to see me there? What if I suddenly get this impulse to buy something from the TV Shopping Network? How paranoid can you get?

I have never really been accustomed to using other people's things so there. I now spend my nights fixing up the place (which until now, is a bit on the chaotic side), or lie in bed and get comfy with my books. All the Harry Potters and the Reader's Digests have found a new home in Baguio City. I have the latest issue of National Geographic, some odd magazines given me or bought at the 7-11, and my timeless Dilbert books.

Sure, I miss Television and the lazy entertainment it provides. But I have rediscovered the lazy entertainment books are now giving me as well! Plus, books don't consume electricity! Oh, it does. I need light to read.

Hmmm... a visit to Books for Less should give me new material to read. I do hope the next Harry Potter book comes in soon. So until I can afford to buy a new TV, hello bed and books!

Photo credit: ISleepInADrawer.com
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