24 July 2006

See you around, Blackie! See you around, 500 pesos!

Last weekend was an unforgettable road trip. We brought Blackie (a Honda Civic) to Baguio so my wife can use it. I can no longer afford the car here in Manila. Rent parking space at the apartment (2,500) plus rent at work (2,000), and rising petrol prices is really getting into my meager allowance. So, bye Blackie and see you around!
Blackie was even acting up when we were driving (I have night blindness so I have a driving companion with me); a couple of hours before leaving Manila, it was overheating! To think that I had it checked before the trip. It was ok again starting from Tarlac til Sison, Pangasinan where the road finally leads up to the mountains. Then on uphill climbs we had to stop every now and then to let Blackie rest. It was like he didn't want to leave. But for sure he'll eventually settle down and love the cool mountain breeze.


Speaking of things I will be seeing around, I only have 500 pesos left in my pocket to last me this week! It's like a Mission Impossible of sorts racing in my mind.

"Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to stretch your remaining 500 pesos regardless of business trips and cab fares. And you have to eat three square meals a day and snacks to quell your ever-grumbling stomach."

To stretch the Ninoy Aquino bill, I will have to:
- eliminate cab fares altogether. That means going to work on time. Aaargh. Waking up is difficult in this rainy weather.
- sleep early I guess.
- No fancy take-outs! No Jollibee or McDonald's or Wendy's or KFC either. My, how nutricious my regular food intake sounds.
- Influence my friends to treat me out to lunch
- gatecrash parties for dinner fare

I wonder if I will indeed last til weekend. Friends, Romans, Countrymen, help me! :-)
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