02 April 2007

Sausages on air

This row of sausage and lechon vendors has been in this section of the Baguio City Public Market for as long as I can remember. Tourists usually just wander around a long, shaded lane of shops offering vegetables, fruits, souvenirs, and sweets. But walk "the road less travelled", so to speak, and you get to see this lane (it's actually just adjacent to the tourist strip), as well as a place where tobacco leaves are sold next to coconut grinders (where we get our guinataan ingredients).

Strange thing is, I can't recall us ever having bought our longganisa from here. We usually get ours from our suking butcher shop nearby.


And as I revisited this post moments ago to edit something, I thought this post was rather out-of-place for this week is Holy Week, when the faithful is called to abstain from eating meat. Anyways, this is my photo blog for Monday... have a meaningful week, everyone.
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