30 March 2007

Walking on Sunshine

Raymond Lauchengco's concert was a night of surprises.

When we entered Teatrino, we didn't expect it to be laid-out like a cozy restaurant. We got seated very near the stage, and a waiter promptly handed over the menu. Having had dinner only moments before, we simply ordered for drinks.

While chatting the time away, a pretty lady hovered around and talked with the guests. "That must be Mia, Raymond's wife", Tina casually said. Yes, we are now on a first-(name) basis with the celebrities.

A little while later she arrived at our table and her face lighted up with recognition. "Tina! Nick!", she exclaimed. Have I mentioned that we're first-name basis with celebrities? :-)

She knew us from the photos in my blog actually. My wife then handed over a basket of strawberries to Mia, who was truly gracious in receiving the pasalubong. Thanks Mia for the autographed poster too!

Soon enough the concert started with a brief announcement and the stage curtain was lifted. A 7-piece orchestra played broadway style and Raymond Lauchengco dashed into the stage!

Whoa. I was still half-expecting the voice I've heard from 20 years ago. Now, his voice is fuller, more mature, and with a broadway feel to it.

After a couple of songs, he did a medley of tunes he was identified with through the years which include Shadow of Time (which I haven't heard for so many years and then I recalled it just then), So It's You, Farewell (very popular with graduation rites).

Raymond then mentioned that we has cutting a new album which was hopefully going to be released real soon, and that he will be singing some songs from that album. Well, I'm not really a fan of sneak peeks and would rather hear familiar tunes for the rest of the concert. But the songs he did were fun! I won't say what they were right now for you might want to watch his concert too. It'll be a nice surprise.

He also belted out a number of Broadway songs. Surprisingly, I was able to correlate too, though I'm not big on plays. He did the more popular ones anyway.

Overall it was definitely an enjoyable evening. Raymond even greeted us from the stage! That was an awkward moment for me; I don't like being the center of attention. But still, that was a nice surprise.

This part was real nice. A single spotlight was focused on the biggest mirror ball, spreading soft rays of light into the dimly-lit hall. I can't catch the effect with the camera, unfortunately. Still got lots to learn.

Two more shows on the running for this series. Visit www.raymondlauchengco.com for details.


  1. Anonymous9:28 pm

    ok yung 3rd and pic ah...
    gusto ko sa mga songs nya yung "saan darating ang umaga", so it's you and farewell...

  2. Anonymous9:47 pm

    3rd and last pic... :) naputol eh...

  3. Anonymous1:14 am

    nagustuhan ko rin ang mga awitin ni Raymond Lauchengco noong panahon ng mga bagets! ano na ba itsura nya, tumanda na ba?

  4. bata pa ako nung sumikat si raymond lauchengco pero gustong-gusto ko yung kanta nyang "so it's you"! hehehe!

    buti naman at nag-enjoy kayo ni misis mo... happy weekend po!

  5. i have no idea who raymond lauchengco is, but that's cool that a celebrity recognized you from your blog. :-D Mukhang blog celebrity ka yata. hehe

  6. Anonymous12:58 pm

    hanep, di ka na ma-reach!
    raymond lauchengco is a great singer - i think the song youre referringt o, yungginagamit sa graduation is farewell. so it's you is a song he sang in bagets and wc he dedicated to eula valdez his leading lady in the movie. he sang that song in a sort of amphiteater - nalimutan ko na saan ba sa pilipinas yon. now whether or not naging sila ba talaga in eula in real life hindi ko alam, kasi hindi ko naman alam yan noon, re-runs na ng bagets ang napapanood ko. im not sure if he was the one sang who farewell, pero mukhang siya. hahaha! nagmemory lane daw ako!

  7. Uy Lino coming from you, that is truly a compliment. Thanks ha! Bumili kami ng CD compilation nya of his hits na na-rip ko na. I'm listening to "saan darating ang umaga" right now. Yep, once upon a time I knew this song too.... and hearing this again makes me feel nostalgic.

    Iskoo: He looks a lot more mature now. May wrinkles na sa mata but he doesn't look that old at all. Magulo yata description ko hehe

    Rho: Uy kumusta! Parang nagpapahiwatig ka ng generation gap sort of ah. hehe

    Wil: slight lang. hehehe

    Cess: Bilib ako sa memory mo. Yes, he sang So Its You in an ampitheater to Eula Valdez. Although where that ampitheater is, I don't know. Magka-generation tayo yata ah!

  8. raymong lauchengco.. how 80's!!!

  9. Anonymous11:03 pm

    Yun ang gusto kong kanta ni raymond yung ginamit nmin sa graduation sa highschool noon (farewell). Bago lang yata yun noon.

    Nakita ko sya sa tv recently, hindi ko sya nakilala kung hindi sinabing si raymond nga.

  10. Anonymous12:24 pm

    Nick and Lady Cess - that "So it's You" scene was shot in Balara Filters, Compound. It's near U.P. where some of the Bagets scenes were shot.

  11. What a great night/date it must have been for you and your wife. May special mention pa.

  12. Glad you had a fabulous time watching the concert. Must have felt great to be recognized by Raymond Lauchengco himself.

  13. Anonymous2:41 pm

    Hi Nick and Tina!

    Thanks for this :) It was nice meeting you last Thursday (and I reallly enjoyed the strawberries).

    Hope to see you again soon :)

  14. Dessagirl: Nice di ba? Parang naging teenager nga ako ulit eh

    Ann: I think his eyes are the same, pero the other features matured. Boyish looks talaga noong 80s.

    Arnold: Yes, I would expect you to be the one who can answer that... 80s guru!

    Leah: Oo nga eh... ang saya!

    Rach: It was unreal... grabe and power ng internet talaga ano? It can make things happen.

    Mia: Hi! Ingat sa baby ha! It was nice meeting you too!


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