28 May 2007

6 Wierd Things About Me

I have been busy last weekend; we had our annual SportsFest. I was part of the organizing committee (and so is Dessagirl and Fisherpau). This year is different because Chu, who once officiated the streetball tournament, has moved on to greener sands este pastures. And so I became part of the streetball committee. Which is really strange because the last time I became actively involved with basketball was in my second year at work (1996) when I played basketball with my officemates.

Which brings me to today's post. This is in reply to Gibb's long-overdue tag on "6 wierd things about me".

1. I don't play basketball. Sure, I know the rules and how it is played and watch too but it never really stuck. I preferred going to the library and be with books than go to the basketball court when I was a kid. I can say that if I kept at it, I can also play well. It's ironic then that it was one of my highest grades back in college (around 93). I prefer tennis (which I have not also played for quite a while now).

2. I have hematophobia, the fear of blood. When I see blood, my knees get weak, I get cold palms, I hear a ringing sound that drowns out all other sounds. I detest our weekly physical exam when they get blood samples. Now here's the irony: I love dinuguan.

3. I read newspapers from back to front. I thought I was the only one doing this when I chanced upon another blogger who said the same thing in her wierd list.

4. I have no sense of direction. We go to a place for the third and fourth time but I still can't remember how to go there by myself.

5. I keep the extra tissue from restaurants and fastfood shops. After eating and I have unused tissue or table napkin, I bring it home with me. Sayang. I can use it for something else like cleaning tables and things gathering dust. However, after some time I have lots of these things around that I end up throwing them away just the same. And then I bring home some again.

6. No matter how many times my wife and friends bring it to my attention, I still like spelling "wierd" as "wierd".

Ok, now to pass on this tag. If you are born in the month of September and you currently have colds, then you're tagged!


On other news... a promotions company from the US sent me a copy of The Transformers the Movie 20th Anniversary DVD to review and blog about it! What a thrill! Have you guys watched this? I'm sure you have. It's where Optimus Prime dies. Has it been 20 years already? Wow...

I'm not really a fan of The Transformers... I've just watched the movie twice yesterday, and all the bonus features... plus I have Transformers toys which I will feature after my DVD review... yeah, I'm not really a big fan.

Oh, joy! Uhhh... is that me? I've gained weight!
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