04 May 2007

Dolores, Quezon in pictures

Dolores is quite a small town, but if you want to explore areas further off town, tricycles are handy.

This is the Church where the main road leads to, and is the only Church in the town of Dolores. One of the masses I attended to here lasted two hours. Amazingly, I did not doze off. It was such a different experience hearing mass here.

This is one of the tree houses located in Kinabuhayan Cafe. I've always wanted to have one of these. For 500 pesos per head (negotiable for big crowds), you can stay here for the night.Here's another shrine that you meet while making your way down to the river at Sta. Lucia.

A winding staircase in the woodsIn my previous post, I talked about the shower-like water streaming from the mountainside. Here's another shot. It was amazing.

Some of the images by the river...

A hill amongst the mountains.

Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. just looking at the foliage, waterfalls, etc makes me feel refreshed... ang init dito sa maynila! :(

  2. Anonymous2:59 pm

    I think the treehouse is so unique. Hindi ba nakakatakot matulog duon at baka bumagsak. :) So I guess, they must have a limit on the number of persons that can sleep in that treehouse.

  3. Anonymous4:43 pm

    Gusto ko rin yung tree house kaya lang parang nakakalula naman yata. Naka akyat ba kayo?

  4. I must say blogging has showed me all these unique and often overlooked places in the Philippines. Dolores sure is worth visiting if for anything else because of the water streaming from the mountains. I have never seen anything like that!

    Great pics watson! :)

  5. Meowok: magbakasyon! commute! Gusto ko pumunta ng la mesa dam one time

    Niceheart: meron rin huts aside from the two treehouses. Yung huts yata ang pwede mag-accommodate ng maraming tao.

    Ann: Di kami nakaakyat eh... sa labas ko lang kinunan ng photo

    Alernati: indeed, we have lots of great places in the Philippines! I would like to see more while I can still travel.

  6. Anonymous12:08 am

    nice angle on the waterfall/showerlike... :)

  7. Thanks Lino. Muntik nang mabasa yung camera sa shot na yun, but this is one of the photos I like best.

  8. Anonymous1:05 pm

    Dolores, Quezon! Ang daming magagandang lugar talaga sa Pilipinas.

    Stay in the tree house for P500 per head? Isn't it a little expensive? What are the amenities?

    You have nice photos, Watson! :)

  9. Rhodora: Thanks for the compliment! For one thing you have a really unique place to stay over, and it includes breakfast too. You can get discounted rates for groups though.

  10. Hi Watson. Great photos especially that shot by of the "shower-like water streaming from the mountainside."

    When I was a child, I also wanted to have a tree house like that but it wasn't feasible because we didn't have any huge trees in our place.

    Thanks for visiting my blog recently.

  11. Okay, so what was it about the Mass that kept you so interested for two hours... Was it the priest? Beautiful parishioners? The architecture? The outside looks ordinary enough... so fill me in... and the magic word is "please!"

  12. Anonymous1:50 pm

    last time i was in quezon was more than 20 years ago! ang tagal na! pero based sa pictures mo, ang ganda pa din!

  13. Rach: it must be wonderful to have a tree house. Thanks for the compliment, Rach!

    Phil: Dolores is quite a small town, so it's one of the places where every one knows everybody else. At that time, the priest was a guest of the parish and incidentally, he was from Dolores. And so he spent some of his time for sermon to talk about his life there. It was interesting and you can feel the spirit of community.

    Doc Emer: More than 20 years ago!? Tagal na nun ah. Siguro mas maganda pa noon, mga bahay kubo pa lang meron :-)

  14. Anonymous7:43 am

    mabuhay ang dolores,quezon ganda talaga ng bayan ntin,na mimiss ko na yan!im THOM CRAIG VENTOCILLA and that is my hometown,im already here in California kaya nga gusto ko na magbakasyom jan!see you soon dolores,quezon...........

  15. Ang sarap magbakasyon!

  16. Thom: Do you know the Oriostes there? My wife's an Orioste. Baka kilala mo rin sya.

    Anino: yes, it definitely is!

  17. hehehe...actually aq alm q yang tree house n yan...kasi dati aq ngwork as dj of "98.5 RADYO NATIN" s KINABUHAYAN CAFE....mganda xa...i think 3 n hauz yung nsa isag tree n yan...matibay nmn xa...may hagdan xa pra mkaakyat ka..hehehe...


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