18 May 2007

Slippers and Everyday Shoes

I don't collect shoes. I don't collect slippers either (or flipflops, as they're trendily called these days). So it was quite a surprise when I realized that I have three new pairs of footwear.

This pair of abaca slippers came from a colleague who went on a trip to Bicol last Holy Week. I use this in the pad. Thanks Gen!

This pair came all the way from Japan, Princess Em's pasalubong to me. Thanks Em! This pair is in the office, and is the most expensive pair of slippers I have ever had.
Oh, those are my pet rocks, wandering about on my office table.

Shall I call them flip flops to keep up with the times? Hmmm....

And then, there's my "everyday shoes".

The first time I saw Crocs was in Heart of Rachel . Many people swore by how comfortable it is. Many also told stories about its dangers in the hospitals and in elevators. That got me curious, not because I wanted to lead an endangered existence, but because of how comfortable it is. I sure can use a pair in my frequent trips to Baguio. My Sandugo trekking sandals are showing signs of wear and tear already because it's my favorite footwear for trips. But it doesn't protect much from the cold bus airconditioning, and it can get uncomfortable in the rain as the straps absorb water.

But when I learned how expensive it was, I fell off my seat and wondered if I need to buy shock absorbers for my aching behind instead.

Then lo and behold. Follen and I saw a magazine ad featuring Noosa which closely resembled the Crocs. I googled the name and came up with an online newspaper article. It was dubbed as made by a local company, cost-effective, but not sacrificing on comfort. It caught my attention. The catch is, it's only available in Robinsons Department Stores. For some reason, that article is no longer showing up in Google.

Anyway, we finally saw some in Galleria yesterday. Pauline bought a pair, but I did not find one my size. I saw mine that same afternoon at Robinsons Place Manila. The sales rep aid I have to get a pair that does not fit exactly, there has to be some allowance. So I bought a size 11. And then I bought a pair for my wife too. Mine's dark blue, hers is white. I hope she likes it. I wanted to buy a pair for Jo-Lo as well but the smallest (a size 5) is way too big for him. I'll be wearing mine this weekend when I go up to Baguio.

Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. Anonymous11:14 pm

    i like the jap slippers.. err.. flipflops :)

    i saw noosa one time in galleria, ang bilis nga maubos. broken sizes na sila. buti nakabili ka for you and your wife. im sure she'll be touched by your thoughtfulness :)

  2. my 5-year old's most favorite footwear is his red crocs. kids here in the US don't want to wear anything but crocs. hubby wears one at home and swears by its super comfiness. i don't know, i might just get myself a pair...

  3. Anonymous3:03 pm

    Mukhang type ko yata yung galing sa Japan. Masarap ba sa paa?

  4. Anonymous9:42 pm

    Wala na bang "bakya" for sale. Hi-tech na talaga pati tsinelas, imported pa, hehe....cheers.

  5. Anonymous6:57 pm

    Ang sakit yatang maapakan nung kahoy na yan, parang ang bigat.

    Maka-ikot nga mamaya sa mall at baka merong ganyan dito, mukhang masarap nga sa paa yang crocs na yan.

  6. Go to Bonifacio High Street in Serendra (The Fort). There's a shop there that sells only CROCS (authentic). You will surely find one that fits Jo-lo's feet.

    I've got a red crocs, my daddy has a gray pair and my mommy has pink!

    I'll tell tita tita not to accept the fake ones you bought. Wag ka daw kuripot sabi ni daddy!


  7. yeah i heard about crocs being very dangerous around escalators.

  8. i'll link you. im also from baguio :D

  9. Cess: Yeah, there were limited sizes available na.

    Purplegirl: I have yet to try mine, but my wife loves hers. Plus, sya lang meron nito sa Baguio. hehe

    Niceheart: Ummm... ok lang. Pero kung matagal, baka masakit rin. Kahoy talaga e

    TruBlue: Na-miss mo yung sale, pinakyaw ko na. hehehe!

    Ann: Bwahaha! Oo nga ano? Solid!

    Arianna: Oh yes I know that store at the Fort. It's not fake ha. It's Noosa. Hehehe! Sayang I can no longer find the online article. But your Tita Tina loves it!

    Lei: Yeah... better be careful with escalators when using these.

  10. Lei: i'll catch up with your blog. Sure I'll link you up too!

  11. what's up with tsinelas these days? medyo di ko pa rin talaga sya masakyan, i can't go beyond my outland sandals (o kahit yung tribu ko) o siguro dahil di kagandahan ang mga paa ko? hahaha. :)

  12. i have getta (japanese sandals, not the robot) like those, too. given to me by tak, our former office mate and kendo sensei.

  13. hi watson.. hanep ang collection mo ngayon ah...kakaiba ka talaga..

  14. Anonymous9:53 pm

    Noosa. Got it. Will go for that!!!

  15. I like those nice jap slippers.

    I'm glad you found a nice alternative for Crocs. After all, the most important thing is comfort. Hope they can also come out with smaller sizes for younger kids like Jo-Lo.

  16. uy, ang ganda ng slippers! how was the crocs? was planning to buy some for the rainy season. kya lang butas-butas pala yun no.. so bali wala rin

  17. I saw a newspaper ad of noosa just today, and thought of searching for it on the internet.. that's how I got to your post. :)

    I was thinking of buying a pair for hospital use. Magkano po ba 'yan? :)

    What are the dangers of this kind of footwear? Baka po kasi masayang lang, magalit ang mommy ko. Haha. :)

    Thanks po!

  18. Anonymous5:35 pm

    Good day to all!

    Noosa is already available (as of June 15)in all Shopwise branches and by July 16 will be available in ALL Robinsons Dept Stores nationwide.

    To address consumer requests for smaller sizes for kids, we're also coming out with Noosa Pups. These are smaller versions of the original "everyday shoes" design with a twist - the shoe and strap have different colors. The new Noosa Pups will come out in combinations of Red/Pink, Blue/White, Fuschia/Lime, and Yellow/Orange. They come in european sizes 24,25,26,27,28,29 (the smallest size before for Noosa was European size 30). Noosa Pups will retail at P395. You can find it in Robinsons Department Stores already (these were pipelined in the stores only last weekend - June 30). Your kids will definitely love these shoes!

    Noosa Mums is now available as well in selected Robinsons Department Stores and all Shopwise Stores (by July 10). These are designed more like flip-flops and are very similar to Crocs' Athens. They come in combinations of Chocolate/Light Blue, Navy/Khaki, Red/White, White/Orange, Black/Yellow, Lime/Fuschia. Available in sizes 36,37,38,39,40,41. Retails at P595.

    Noosa Everyday Shoes has also come out with 3 new colors: Lime, Coral (Orange), Chocolate. This is on top the original 6 colors; Black, White, Red, Blue, Khaki, and Pink.

    If you're in Visayas or Mindanao, Noosa can be found is selected Gaisano Department Stores as well as in Robinsons Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Bacolod and Iloilo (July 16).

    Watch out for Noosa in selected Toby's stores - those without Crocs, and Sports Central stores.

    Coming soon are Noosa Ballerina and Noosa Sharapova (Noosa's version of Crocs' Prima and Mary Jane).

    Noosa is a product developed by local colour cosmetics manufacturer, Ever Bilena Cosmetics , Inc. (Ever Bilena/Careline).


  19. Hi. How about giving one for Jo-Lo? :-)

  20. Anonymous10:34 am

    hello all pipol, my little sister wears NOOSA Pups in the red/pink combination at Robinson's Galleria. She likes it so much that she wears it everyday. Daddy is planning to buy a second pair of yellow/orange so that we can wash her red/pink NOOSA Pups.... cute talaga, promise :-)

  21. Anonymous5:11 pm

    grabii! it's super nice!:) i, myself bought 4 pairs. ahaha. syempre sinusulit na. same quality, magkatulad pa sa ichura ng crocs, and i tried the crocs, noosa so much more comfortable pa nga eh. masmalambut pa sya. ahaha. basta super recommend ko to!!;-)

    tapos astig, 75 php accesory, ya. for the everyday shoes. hehe. cute! 150php pa naman un sa crocs! haha. bsta bsta, bili kau, syang nga lng nsa robinsons lng nh. pero kk lng un! hehe. suki nmn ako sa robinsosn place. ehehe.

  22. Hello anonymous. anong accessory ito? I haven't noticed any.

    Grabeng advertisement na ito... wala ba tayong free noosa dyan? :-)

  23. Anonymous6:52 pm

    which anonymous? haha. yup! dapat nga meron na tayo free noosa noh! hehe. ummm, the decorations, parang yun jibbitz sa crocs. hehe. the decors u punch into the holes sa mga everyday shoes ng noosa este or doons a crocs!:)

  24. Anonymous1:35 pm

    Noosa is a great alternative for peeps who wants the look of Crocs pero dont need to waste some sweet money for a shoe like this. I think you can buy 3 Noosas for 1 Crocs :)

    Same lang cguro quality and comfort.. pati nga amoy ng rubber parehong pareho ! :)

    Ayan dagdag advertisement nanaman sa NOOSA penge naman kami ng free. If you need a website or graphic design visit nyo nalang http://www.crusoedesign.com. Thanks!

  25. hey there!

    i have also experienced what you experienced! when our school had a persentation, 2 of my classmates wore crocs' mary jane. And I thought it would look nice on me. I searched in the net for more information about Crocs. It says that it is sooo comfortable. So i was so excited to buy one for me, not knowing how much it costs. I went to Bonifacio High Street with my mom to help me choose a color. I had with me P500 because i knew then that it costs less than that...(let's say...495 or something) but when i looked at the tag price, IT WAY FAR FROM 500 PESOS! so i was really shocked, my eyes were widely opened while walking in the street.

    but when i saw the very first commercial of Noosa Everyday shoes, i thought that it would be more inexpensive becuase my mom said that if it has a commercial in the philippines, then it is sold locally! i was really excited. I search it in the net for more info...and i found out that it was only sold in Robinson's galleria. My mom and i drove there... almost jumping in the passenger seat because of excitment. When i first saw it, i was so happy. BUT...my mom said, " masyadong buldog! para ka nang si goofy nyan!" because the style was just like Crocs' Beach. i was really frustrated.

    January came and it's the month where field trips are held. we would go hiking in a cave...so we need shoes that doesn't slip easily...and must be comfortable at the sole. I thought of buying Noosa, even though it is too buldog...I went to SM...and the moment i saw Noosa's Sharapova (like crocs' mary jane) i was really running and jumping in the mall ( hey! im still thirteen!). I was so happy. It only costs less than P500...way far from Crocs' price. I bought the blue one. i just like the color. The time that we went on hiking, the land was so muddy. All of my classmates are nadudulas, but me...not even an unbalanced step!sobrang galing ng noosa...and guess what?!? when i went to crocs' store again, i compared the softness...and noosa is much softer! I really recommend noosa not only for children and lampa's like me...but they also have slippers that i think...it's for mums...

  26. Anonymous4:21 am

    ty guyz for these ads

  27. Anonymous4:21 am

    ty guyz for these ads


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