28 May 2007

6 Wierd Things About Me

I have been busy last weekend; we had our annual SportsFest. I was part of the organizing committee (and so is Dessagirl and Fisherpau). This year is different because Chu, who once officiated the streetball tournament, has moved on to greener sands este pastures. And so I became part of the streetball committee. Which is really strange because the last time I became actively involved with basketball was in my second year at work (1996) when I played basketball with my officemates.

Which brings me to today's post. This is in reply to Gibb's long-overdue tag on "6 wierd things about me".

1. I don't play basketball. Sure, I know the rules and how it is played and watch too but it never really stuck. I preferred going to the library and be with books than go to the basketball court when I was a kid. I can say that if I kept at it, I can also play well. It's ironic then that it was one of my highest grades back in college (around 93). I prefer tennis (which I have not also played for quite a while now).

2. I have hematophobia, the fear of blood. When I see blood, my knees get weak, I get cold palms, I hear a ringing sound that drowns out all other sounds. I detest our weekly physical exam when they get blood samples. Now here's the irony: I love dinuguan.

3. I read newspapers from back to front. I thought I was the only one doing this when I chanced upon another blogger who said the same thing in her wierd list.

4. I have no sense of direction. We go to a place for the third and fourth time but I still can't remember how to go there by myself.

5. I keep the extra tissue from restaurants and fastfood shops. After eating and I have unused tissue or table napkin, I bring it home with me. Sayang. I can use it for something else like cleaning tables and things gathering dust. However, after some time I have lots of these things around that I end up throwing them away just the same. And then I bring home some again.

6. No matter how many times my wife and friends bring it to my attention, I still like spelling "wierd" as "wierd".

Ok, now to pass on this tag. If you are born in the month of September and you currently have colds, then you're tagged!


On other news... a promotions company from the US sent me a copy of The Transformers the Movie 20th Anniversary DVD to review and blog about it! What a thrill! Have you guys watched this? I'm sure you have. It's where Optimus Prime dies. Has it been 20 years already? Wow...

I'm not really a fan of The Transformers... I've just watched the movie twice yesterday, and all the bonus features... plus I have Transformers toys which I will feature after my DVD review... yeah, I'm not really a big fan.

Oh, joy! Uhhh... is that me? I've gained weight!


  1. Hi Watson. Thanks for sharing these interesting things! I don't think I've ever read a newspaper from cover to cover. I just read the sections that interest me. I like no. 5. I admire how you make good use of things such as tissues/napkins. It's really a shame if it goes to waste.

    Wow, Transformers DVD. My husband and son are looking forward to that movie.

  2. transformers! waw!

  3. I'm not a fan of director Michael Bay and I have a fear he's going to ruin the movie. I don't understand how he keeps getting director gigs. anyway, the movie doesn't come out till july, i believe.

    And nobody ever sent me anything to review it. hmph. hehe

  4. "Oh, joy! Uhhh... is that me? I've gained weight!"

    Post ka ng full body, then we'll comment. :D Mwehehehe...

  5. NICK! thanks for doing the meme. hirap mag-isip ng weird stuff about ourselves 'no. i mean, what's weird really? halimbawa, yung no sense of direction. ako din! and i suspect madami tayo diyan, kaya di na weird yan pag widespread na, haha. teka, galeng naman! a company sent you an original dvd to review? what about meeeeeh? :)

  6. Anonymous12:19 pm

    well then, im not tagged :) heheh, ako rin kinukuha ang mga unused napkins. comes in handy for my kids.

    wow, transformers! hanep ha, sikat ka na nga. when you do your review, no spoilers ha? :)

  7. Rach: Yeah that's what I also think when I see the loose tissue paper. And then it became a habit.

    Lei: Transform!

    Wil: Steven Spielberg is a producer, and I'm a big fan of his.

    Igor: Kasama side and back shots?

    Gibbs: It was really a surprise that I was contacted to do the review. Nice no?

    Cess: This is the cartoon movie of 20 years ago... may trailer nung upcoming movie rin but no spoilers there either...

  8. a transformer dvd for your review??? wowowow! what about the lesser mortal like me? to whom are we going to beg? to whom? to whom? :)

  9. Zherwin: ummmm.... di ko alam e :-( Uy nagkataon lang. Random yata pag-choose nila. Sinuwerte lang ako. Sana sa lotto rin.

  10. Ako I read the newspaper starting from the Lifestyle section.

    Hmmm..Transformers... Bata pa ako noong nauuso yan.

    I also keep unused tissue. Sayang.

  11. teka, bago na ang itsura nang iyong blog...

  12. Anonymous6:27 pm

    Hmmm..thought I was the only one that reads back to front until I told a friend several months back and confided he does it too.
    Yeah, those extra napkins comes in handy to clean my car's rims, hehe.

  13. jho: sa newspapers... so hindi lang pala ako... I may not be wierd after all. I'm experimenting on a new layout para maiba naman :-)

    TruBlue: yes! I'm not wierd!

  14. Watson, parang gusto ko nakawin template mo :D ang linis kasi... ahehehe... nde naman wordpress eto diba? :D

    anyway, inggit pa din ako talaga sa pamumundok nyo ni apol... hayyy...

    hubs is looking forward to the transformers movie din, kaso ayaw naman nya nanonood ng nde ako kasama... at syempre ngayon, ayaw nya ako dalhin sa mall or anywhere else na nde ako pede humiga :D

  15. Mec: heto dinudumihan ko na... nilalagyan ko na ng mga borloloy hehehe! Yeah... ingat na lang muna for the baby... paglabas nya, tatlo na kayong papasyal!

  16. Anonymous11:25 pm

    you're weeeeeird!!! hehehe.

    i too am afraid of blood, read the paper back to front, am terrible with directions and can't play basketball. oh okay, so that makes me weird too.

  17. Toni: Ang wierd mo! hehe

  18. I read papers front to back but never the other way around. I would if it weren't for the continued articles on different pages.

    Fortunately I was born with good memory recall which includes directions. But even that gives me a hard time in the Philippines where road and street signs are very lacking.

    I too keep extra napkins but I put them in my car glove block for the occasional need.

    Spelling weird wierd is truly weird!

  19. Ed: You have very little sign of wierdness. hehe

  20. Anonymous4:25 pm

    Dami kayong wierd dito...hehehe..ang mga arabo sa likod talaga ang start kung magbasa at sumulat.

    Nakasanayan ko na rin dalhin yung napkin na hindi gamit lalo pag may mga kasama kang bata, kailangan talaga.

    Buti ka pa laging orig mga dvd mo, dito tyaga lang kami sa pirated minsan nga cinema copy pa at may nakikita kang shadow na naglalakad sa harapan...hehehe.

  21. Weird, weird... indeed! ;-)
    If you don't like blood you should visit my blog today !

    Nice you get free movies to review!

  22. Sidney: I currently cannot access your blog.... has been for a couple of days now..

  23. Ann: Sa dami ng mga taong nagsabi na they said they also do some of the things I do, I don't look so wierd after all :-)

    Yung transformers DVD, surprised talaga ako! I'll do a review next week.

  24. "I don't play basketball."

    Neither do I. Hehe.

  25. Anonymous2:21 am

    kung ikaw e napkin ang iniuuwi mo, ako naman e yung mga ketchup at mayonnaise na nasa sachet ang dinadala ko sa bahay!! hahaha! see?! you're not weird noh!

    naku ako rin, pagdating sa driving e mahina! kaya nga takot akong mag-drive lagi dahil takot akong mamiz ang exit ko! hehe!

    ang ganda pala ng template mo.. ano yung mga rebulto na yun?? ang cute nila!

  26. Abaniko: Badminton!

    rho: Salamat sa compliments! Chess set yung nasa banner ko. Hanep ano? I took the photo at The Manor in Baguio City. Naka-display sya dun.

    Do you get road rage when you drive? I do. It's like I'm not me when I drive.

  27. hey nick, hindi ka weird kasi hindi ka nag-iisa =) i know 2 men who don't know play basketball. my sister fainted when she cut her finger by accident in biology class. sobra tayong pareho sa #5! just last night, i cleaned my bag and threw out so many unused napkins from restaurants. kainis, sayang. but like you, i keep collecting them anyway. i picked up that habit from my mom.


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