12 May 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

Ann of Apple of My Eyes tagged me some time back even though she was aware of the fact that I avoid it like the plague (except on a few occasions, like now. Baka magalit si Ann kapag hindi ko ginawa kaya gagawin ko na. Bwehehehe)

The tag calls for giving ten reasons why I married my other half. So here goes, in no particular order:

1. She's the mother of my very handsome boy, Jose Carlos. Of course, he inherited some of his good features from yours truly. O, hwag na kokontra. hehe.

2. She's funny, sometimes even without trying to be. And she's got this giggle that looks like she'll run out of air real soon. It's similar to Ernie of Sesame Street's giggle. Beat that.

Here we were looking for unique clothing items from the UK stores. This one's mano-po inspired. hehe

3. We have things in common. We like to eat, read books, play video games of the 80s arcade kind, we watch SciFi, fantasy, romantic, and comedy films.

She's my "accomplice" in trying out foodie places in Baguio

4. She's frugal. At least, now, we are able to save up. hehe

5. She drives me crazy. She decides one one thing, and in less than 5 minutes changes her mind. It drives me crazy.

6. Understanding. When I arrive here in Baguio feeling tired, I want to stay home even when she wants to go out and run errands etc. Most of the time, she lets me be. Dear, pagtimpla mo ko ng hot choco. Tapos bibili na ako ng gasul. hehehe

7. Simple. She's a simple girl from a simple girl. We do not splurge on dates, she dresses simply. I give her accessories such as bracelets and necklaces from Dessagirl and she likes wearing them. I buy extras for her friends and she likes them too and keeps them. hehe

8. She gives my simple whims. "Dear, let's see more of your province while we're there." I had two wonderful days. "Dear, let's buy Jonas' Delight at TeaHouse in Session Road!" She buys one and we have a wonderful dessert while watching TV. "Dear, let's buy plants for the garden!" She and Jo-Lo goes with me. "Dear, Happy Meal has a new toy! Let's buy some!" She gets the entire set for Jo-Lo hehe. Simple things for me that matters a lot.

9. She keeps our home spic and span. I'm not the organized type when it comes to fixing the bed and cleaning up and arranging the abubot of which we have a lot thanks to me.

Making suman at my parent's house.

10. Lastly, I married my other half because I love her!

Happy Mother's Day, Dearest! And Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers out there!

Now, to pass on the tag torch... if you are born in the month of October, looking forward to the last Harry Potter book and movie, and married, then you just got tagged!


  1. Anonymous9:19 am

    First ako! Dapat lang dahil ako nag tag syo...hehehe. Sarap mo palang i tag, madalasan nga...hahaha!

    Happy mother's day to your dear tina!

    Happy talaga ang marriage if you have so many things in common, less ang conflict. Ganda naman ng mother's day tribute mo.

    Happy weekend too.

  2. Hehehe... This is such a sweet post. Happy Mothers' Day to your wife Watson. She sounds like a real wonderful woman.

    I am awaiting the next Harry POtter Book but I'm not married, so I'm safe! hehehe

  3. Anonymous8:56 pm

    I'm not taking potshots at anyone whose marriage didn't work but sana naman, if you get married, it should be for life. Can't say how long I've been married (mabulgar pa iyong oldness ko! hehe), let's just say my two kids are already out of college. My wedding has no fanfare and performed by a judge.
    That's why I lament a couple's breakup after a lavish wedding, doing the I do's, till death do us part stuff. Well, that's just me..
    You seem to be a very good person Nick, and wishing you and your betterhalf a successful marriage. Understanding lang iyan and stay away from evil sa mga paligid...
    A very merry mother's day to your wife, and all the mother's out there. cheers and goodhealth...

  4. Anonymous12:23 pm

    wow naman, how sweet. your wife must be so touched. pano ba tumawa si ernie??? hindi naman parang nauubusan ng hangin ha? hehehe.

    happy mother's day misis!

  5. I was born in October. But I'm Not really looking forward to the last Harry Potter and I'm also not married. hehe. Who made up those weird tagging rules, btw? :D

    Belated Happy Mother's DAy to the mothers in your life. :)

  6. sir nick....

    Happy Mother's Day to Ms. Tina, your mom and all the mothers in the world...

    Shoutout to my mum!!! Happy Mother's day to you...


  7. Anonymous3:10 am

    happy mother's day to your other half!! ang sweet naman ni kuya, for sure sobrang nagb-blush na si ate nyan!

    opppsss... safe ako sa tag mo!! hahaha!

  8. wow nman very inspiring. nabasa na ba niya eto? post mo yung reaksyon niya. Late na pero belated happy moms days to your lovely wife. :)

  9. belated happy mother's day to your wife. :)

    btw, OT, i have a galera tshirt similar to your wife's (the one she's wearing while making suman hehe)

  10. Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers out there!

    Ann: Takot ko lang sa yo. Hehehe

    Alternati: Sayang! Do this post when you get married na. hehe

    Trublue: Meron rin kaming misunderstandings... but yes, we strive to make our marriage last. Understanding na lang on how we tick ika nga and hwag magsasakal, di ba? Yeah... sayang yung mga weddings na you'd think was made in heaven but would eventually end up someplace else.

    Lady Cess: Imagine Ernie laughing pero extended version hehehe

    Wil: I made it up hahaha. I'm not sure who to tag kasi

    Follen: Happy Mother's Day to your mom too!

    rho: Ay sayang! hehe

    Airwind: nabasa nya this morning. Touched raw sya.

    zherwin: syempre, kapag lumabas, bili ng souvenir shirt! hehe

  11. awwww. ang sweet mo naman sir nick!!!!!!!! sobra!

    what's ate tina's reaction?

  12. Anonymous6:03 pm


    Again, thanks! I am so blessed, because i got YOU... Praise the Lord! Mwah!


  13. Dessagirl: Ayun, o after your comment. hehe

    Dearest: Mwah!

  14. What a beautiful tribute to your wife!! You are so sweet....and lucky to have a wife like her :-P She sounds like an angel.

    Buti na lang nakalusot ako sa tag mo. Game ako sa last two, but I'm not born in October. hehe!

  15. touch naman ako..would you believe I forgot to greet my mom..but I was with her the day before..

    btw, hope you like the bakya..

  16. JMom: Happy Mother's Day to you! Ay sayang nakalusot ka hehe

    Princess Em: Yes! I love the slippers from Japan! I'm turning Japanese! Nasa opisina, I use it there.

  17. sa office?? and you're really use them??? baka matapilok ka nun!..masira poise mo


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