17 May 2007

Asin Hot Springs

Guess where we celebrated Mother's Day. Yep, as you may have guessed in the above photo, in a resort. But would you believe this resort is only half an hour's drive away from Baguio?

Asin Hot Springs has been a popular destination for the locals to warm up from the cool Baguio weather. Once upon a time, there was only one establishment taking advantage of the hot springs this area offers guests. Now, quite a number of resorts had sprung off.

It is said that it takes three days and two nights to get to Asin Hot Springs. This is so because you have to pass through two tunnels. When we were in high school, our adventurous spirits brought us to this place on foot. We hiked all the way here, and we have some photos along the way to prove it. I don't have scans to show here, unfortunately, but we have returned to the lone resort way back in college by jeepney.
Into the second tunnel then turn left

Last week, I was amazed at how the place has changed. Luckily, it's for the better. The once bumpy ride has been replaced by smooth, cemented roads. The rickety, wooden bridge where we had our photo taken way back in high school has been replaced by a steel bridge. But the free-flowing river beyond is still there, as merry as ever.

Last weekend, I was expecting that we were going to the resort we were familiar with way down the road after the second tunnel. Instead, we made a sharp left turn right after this tunnel. And it led us to modern swimming pool facilities. Thank goodness. The old one I was accustomed to had a pool that was green in some parts due to algae growth and it was quite slippery. And that was over ten year ago.

This resort (whose name eludes me right now) is as modern as you can get. Shower rooms and pools with heated water, small pools with deliciously warm water, slides. Large crowds gather here especially on weekends for family gatherings.

The irony of it is, no matter how many times I have visited Asin Hot Springs, I have never experienced taking a dip in the hot springs. I would plan to, then take my time in the pool, and before I know it, the day is done.

Baby Jo-Lo can't wait to try the pool
What fun!

My sister made the trip happen. Thank you, Ate Catz!

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