04 May 2007

Dolores, Quezon in pictures

Dolores is quite a small town, but if you want to explore areas further off town, tricycles are handy.

This is the Church where the main road leads to, and is the only Church in the town of Dolores. One of the masses I attended to here lasted two hours. Amazingly, I did not doze off. It was such a different experience hearing mass here.

This is one of the tree houses located in Kinabuhayan Cafe. I've always wanted to have one of these. For 500 pesos per head (negotiable for big crowds), you can stay here for the night.Here's another shrine that you meet while making your way down to the river at Sta. Lucia.

A winding staircase in the woodsIn my previous post, I talked about the shower-like water streaming from the mountainside. Here's another shot. It was amazing.

Some of the images by the river...

A hill amongst the mountains.

Happy weekend, everyone!
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