23 May 2007

Good food, great company

Last night, we had an EB of blog friends from blogkadahan. It was an informal gathering arranged by Doc Emer (thanks Doc!).

We had dinner at Mannang's located at the lower ground floor of SM Megamall. They serve Filipino food with yummy twists, such as sinigang na corned beef and tofu sisig. We also had fish fillet in coconut sauce and spicy fried chicken. My stomach is grumbling just thinking about last night's dinner. It was great! The spicy chicken was crunchy and ... uh... spicy, the fish fillet divine, and the sinigang was delicious. You can't go wrong at Mannang's.

Dinner was even more fun as we shared stories of all sorts (from admirers to educational shows, immigration, past EBs, about people who weren't in this EB, hehehe). Picture picture here, picture picture there, and of course when the food showed up, more photos of the food!

The other tables were wondering if we were a celebrity bunch, what with all the flashes going off every now and then. Oh wait... yep, there was a celebrity indeed. Lifestyle blog awardee Toni of Wifely Steps!

The last time I was in a blog EB was in the Pinoyblog Christmas Party a couple of years ago. So I was excited to attend this one. It was great seeing Doc Emer, Tito Rolly (slim and fit!), Apol, and Ajay again. And meeting the tall and gracious Mari and Lara babes (the guest of honor) for the first time was a blast!

Thanks for the fun evening! Hope to see you again soon!

Additional great photos courtesy of Doc Emer:

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