18 May 2007

Slippers and Everyday Shoes

I don't collect shoes. I don't collect slippers either (or flipflops, as they're trendily called these days). So it was quite a surprise when I realized that I have three new pairs of footwear.

This pair of abaca slippers came from a colleague who went on a trip to Bicol last Holy Week. I use this in the pad. Thanks Gen!

This pair came all the way from Japan, Princess Em's pasalubong to me. Thanks Em! This pair is in the office, and is the most expensive pair of slippers I have ever had.
Oh, those are my pet rocks, wandering about on my office table.

Shall I call them flip flops to keep up with the times? Hmmm....

And then, there's my "everyday shoes".

The first time I saw Crocs was in Heart of Rachel . Many people swore by how comfortable it is. Many also told stories about its dangers in the hospitals and in elevators. That got me curious, not because I wanted to lead an endangered existence, but because of how comfortable it is. I sure can use a pair in my frequent trips to Baguio. My Sandugo trekking sandals are showing signs of wear and tear already because it's my favorite footwear for trips. But it doesn't protect much from the cold bus airconditioning, and it can get uncomfortable in the rain as the straps absorb water.

But when I learned how expensive it was, I fell off my seat and wondered if I need to buy shock absorbers for my aching behind instead.

Then lo and behold. Follen and I saw a magazine ad featuring Noosa which closely resembled the Crocs. I googled the name and came up with an online newspaper article. It was dubbed as made by a local company, cost-effective, but not sacrificing on comfort. It caught my attention. The catch is, it's only available in Robinsons Department Stores. For some reason, that article is no longer showing up in Google.

Anyway, we finally saw some in Galleria yesterday. Pauline bought a pair, but I did not find one my size. I saw mine that same afternoon at Robinsons Place Manila. The sales rep aid I have to get a pair that does not fit exactly, there has to be some allowance. So I bought a size 11. And then I bought a pair for my wife too. Mine's dark blue, hers is white. I hope she likes it. I wanted to buy a pair for Jo-Lo as well but the smallest (a size 5) is way too big for him. I'll be wearing mine this weekend when I go up to Baguio.

Happy weekend, everyone!
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