04 March 2008

Free WiFi Boss, Free WiFi!

I am occasionally asked where we can get free WiFi access in Makati. Obviously, they're the gadget people, walking around with internet savviness oozing from their being. Personally, I have not been paying attention to where we can get free WiFi until recently, when I acquired an iPhone. Now, I can't seem to stop looking around for places with a "free WiFi" sign on them. Well, here's one in Glorietta... at Burger King!

I am quite fond of their Whopper and so their menu list is not new to me. But it's been a while since I last visited their store. Once upon a time, they had a serve-yourself bottomless drinks. But that was hastily removed because the place gets pretty messy and freeloaders just can't seem to get enough of the free drinks. After that, Burger King seemed just like another ordinary place to get ... well, burgers. But when we got a chance to drop by last week, the place looked quite different. Pop art adorned the walls, and they now attract a new crowd: the laptop-lugging group. The density of computer presence in this area is most profound. And it's because of .... free WiFi!

Not only that. They show a free movie at 2PM! I wonder when we can come here for an afternoon meeting. Tee hee!
The brightly-lit notice at the left side of the photo below is a mobile phone charging station. Also for free!
I'm a big fan of apple pies so I got excited when I saw this new item in the menu. It did not meet my expectations, unfortunately. True, there were apple bits, but the crust was all mushy, and it's a tad too sweet for me.
The free WiFi access is an attractive come-on for people who want to conduct a meeting and need the internet access. Does 2PM sound fine? :-)


Congratulations to the winners of the 100,000 Hurrahs "contest"! They are:

Zherwin, who said:
"WOW six figures? sana piso bawat visitor no? hehehe congratulations! it's been a long time na rin pala since my first visit here, i think it was your post on Puerto Galera (the one with Sadako?) or something puerto galera that i wrote my first comment? and i also bookmarked your Oh My Gulay post, for future references hehe. :)"

Leah, who said:
"... I like your blog because (although I lag in my visits)you feature stories about Baguio. I like yor photos and the scenic snaps you share with your readers on your travels plus all the food trippings ofcouse. I am glad I discovered your blog. I remember your entry on the Panagbenga and I really liked the landscape photos you published."

Toni, who said:
"I like it when you write about Baguio. Through this blog, we've come to get to know this home of yours. I don't have one favorite Baguio post, but those that I recall fondly are all Baguio-related. There's the entry you submitted to the Oh My Gulay Lasang Pinoy carnival, the food you eat in Baguio, reuniting with family on weekends. They're homey posts, and that's why I like them!"

Group hug! Group hug! Congratulations again, and I hope you like what my wife and I bought you at the Panagbenga fair!
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