25 March 2008

Where has the traffic gone?

Wednesday night last week saw me at the Victory Liner terminal to get a ticket in going back to Baguio for the Holy Week. As I have narrated in my earlier post, I was not able to get a ticket for that night. This is the first time ever that I got a ticket for the following day! Usually the queue would set me off for 4 hours at most, which I patiently wait out in the passenger area. This time, it was more than 16 hours off. That was the volume of tourists that packed up and headed for Baguio. We learned that for Thursday alone, 40,000 vehicles were counted to have entered the Baguio City. Whew!

The line to the ticketing station stretched as far as the the gate to EDSA and to the adjacent gas station!
After waiting patiently in line, this is the sign that will greet you: all trips fully-booked til 1:00PM the following day! I was able to get a 1:30PM ride instead. What to do next? Haul my luggage back to the pad.
The normally-busy Makati roads looked like this last Thursday. Wow!
We visited the Church last Good Friday and Easter Sunday. For the times when we were not at home experimenting at the kitchen or hanging out, we'd be out with Emily, our guest for the weekend.

Hope you all had a meaningful Holy Week!


  1. Ang linis ng Makati ah. Tandaan ko rin nauwi na kami ng Holy Week, ang bilis namin nakalabas ng Manila.

  2. Ann: Kapag nag-stay ka sa Manila, mas feel mo pa nga ang Holy Week eh. di ba? Walang mall, talagang nasa bahay ka lang para magmuni-muni.

  3. hindi lang sa makati ang malinis sa traffic during those days. Kahit ang QC at Manila. Sarap nga magdrive kasi wala ka kaagaw sa kalsada na mga balasubas na driver (LOL). Pero after naman ng Holy week back to normal uli ang traffic lalo na sa Maynila. hay.

  4. Jho: korek. From makati kahapon, pumunta ako ng pasig. Grabe ang trapik sa edsa. Ganun din ngayong umaga nung papunta na ako dito sa opis.


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