10 March 2008

Meatless March?

What did I get myself into?

That's what came first into my mind when I saw the Green Thing task for the month of March: easy on the meat.

I am quite an easy person to feed, as I eat nearly anything I am served (save for those raw sea urchin and other exotics). And I do confess... I love longganisa (sausages) in the morning, burgers in the movie, chicken on any meal. And I have veggies on the side.

But have veggies take center stage?

As I saw my meat-eating life flash before my eyes, I saw a glimmer of hope:

"So this month, do your bit for the planet by going Easy On The Meat. You don’t have to go complete veggie – chopping out a couple of portions a week would be a fine effort."

I have the firm conviction that vegetarianism is a whole new philosophy in life by itself, and right now I'm following another: the food pyramid. Hmmm... the portion of the meat side in the pyramid has gotten smaller the last time I saw it...

But, as with most things when it concerns the environment, it's not about the individual. It's about the welfare of the people and the world in general. I mean, what's the use of saying you're an environmentalist if you don't imbibe it in your life? But that's not to say I'm going completely vegetarian. So for this task, I will lay off the meat as often as I can. There will be unavoidable circumstances (like yesterday when my family had lunch at Jollibee and there was nothing but chicken and burgers, and ever since I've been having pasta at Amici, sweet spaghetti doesn't sound appetizing anymore), but for the times when there are alternatives, I will endeavour to be easy on the meat (like lunchtime awhile ago at the cafeteria ... I skipped the kare-kare, pork giniling, adobo, and tinola - all 4 are my favorites! I couldn't believe I skipped them all - and got for myself a piece of fried dalagang bukid and some veggies cooked in coconut milk. Fish isn't included in the meat category, is it?

Incidentally, Holy Week is upon us so it makes sense to take it easy on the meat. I'll just figure out what my alibis will be for the coming months. Until then, I will be seeing green this March.
Carrots, anyone?


  1. thats why I said DARE :P

    Eat Veggies for an entire month...

    No meat, no fish, no poultry, no eggs... (cos eggs came from chicken and chicken is white meat/poultry)

    whatcha think...make the most out of the green green project you have here :P

    If you're done with the entire month and you became a monthly vegitarian... I will take you out for Brazil Brazil :P

    Dare??? :D

  2. Follen: I can see the whites of my eyes... hindi kaya ng powers ko ang dare mo so to make it easy on both of us, just treat me out to a Japanese restaurant and we will order raw fish!

  3. alam mo, after a while, you might even find you can really do without meat after all... like quitting smoking cold turkey? hehehe...

    if you're into tofu, try to have some in your diet. you need the protein if you're not having meat anyway. oh and you know, Papa and I? sometimes we substitute veggies for rice... steamed broccoli or stir-fried carrots, broccoli and sitsaro tapos ikain mo sa grilled tuna or salmon, yummy!

  4. Jet: talaga? Is it really possible?! Siguro nga, I won't try really try it if somebody didn't challenge me. e heto, I registered for the green thing, and it's like they are challenging me to do it. So here I am, eating a carrot for snacks. hehe.

  5. yikes...nde ko kaya :D

  6. sir nick, papatayin mo ako niyan. no exag. i dont eat veggies. so taking out meat from my diet leaves fruits and grains for me. NO WAY!!!! i think i'll just keep my flabs..

    but i admire your intention and effort. go! go! go!

  7. no meat??? ewww :P hahaha

    but I love Tofu...

    and tofu suggestion of Jet is great :P


    Mariel :P

  8. Mec: surprisingly, ok pa naman ako. Basta hwag alisin ang fish!

    Dessagirl: Thank you for the cheer!

    Follen: where's the pasta you will be cooking for us?

  9. madali lang naman sir nick eh. naaalala mo nung nag no meat chenes din ako dati kasi napanuod ko sa tv kung pano nila i-slaughter yung mga baboy at baka? pero hindi ko kaya i-give up ang manok dahil sa chicken joy! mejo nahirapan lang ako pag inuman na tapos may sisig, crispy pata, crispy ulo. pero nakatipid din ako nun kasi mas mura sa jollijeep ang gulay na ulam eh. sa sa 20 pesos may veggie ulam nako with rice.

    for the first time after college nag 161 lbs ako dahil sa no-meat-except-chicken-joy food lifestyle! pero pagdating ko dito nag-meat na ulit ako kaya 180 lbs nako ngayon. bad trip!


  10. Hoy Chu kumusta ka na! Ang ganda ng bago mong kotse! Di ka na ma-reach ngayon! Oo nga, naalala ko yung emote mo sa beef and pork. Kagabi, pinakita naman kung paano kunin ang fins ng sharks habang buhay pa tapos tinatapon sa dagat para mamatay. Grabe. No to Shark's fin soup!!!!

  11. Good for you, watson! I've tried becoming a vegan a few years back. It only lasted several months, but a month is definitely doable. Nowadays, I usually avoid red meat but I will sometimes eat chicken or fish. Good luck!

  12. talaga? binabalik pa nila sa dagat para lang mamatay? that's so cruel!!!!! ako din hindi nako kakain ng shark's fin!


    yung sa kotse sir nick...mas madali pa bumili ng kotse dito kesa magka-lisensya! pag regular ka na sa trabaho mo, pwede agad maapprove ang car loan in a couple of days! kaya nung nagkaron ako ng opportunity, ginrab ko na agad.

    yung iba nga dito gumagastos ng almost Php 40,000 para lang sa driving license yun ah! yung iba more than pa kasi kung bagsak ka palagi sa exam, palagi ka magbabayad ulit for lessons.

    wala lang...

  13. Wil: Well, I will still have the occasional chicken or pork or beef, but not as frequent as before, and choose veggies whenever I can.

    Chu: Talaga?! Wow. Bakit kaya bumabagsak sila sa exam?

  14. Chuuuuuu.... ano ne... kamustasas... hay nako :P si sir nick... di raw kakain sa resto sa baba kasi they sell Tawilis...pero ayan... kakatapos lang kumain dun :P hahahahaha

  15. pero shempre di tawilis ang kinaain... :P hahahahaha...

    palabok naman at palitaw :P

  16. Follen: diba ikaw magpapaskil nung "no to tawilis" posters natin dun?

  17. Anonymous7:52 pm

    i love to try to be meatless...


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