12 March 2008

Northumbria Numbers

I once had a car – a black Honda Civic ESI – which I loved because Hondas are very customizable cars. There are lots of body kits to choose from, as well as car seats, steering wheels, lights, sounds, the works! The more passionate crowd even personalize their license plates to make the car truly their own.

Northumbria Numbers take car registrations to a higher level through its cherished number plates service. Located in Northumberland (a county in the NorthEast of England), Northumbria Numbers has over ten years’ experience in car registrations for UK cars and motorcycles, and has a website that gives potential and existing customers alike the convenience to look for the cherished number plates of their choice.

The website is very straightforward and functional. It has a search engine which allows you to check the availability of your desired plate number. There are also guides to ensure your choice is in conformance with registration laws. The more popular plates are compiled for easy reference.

The history of Number Plates and the Laws governing it are included in the site as part of its Information Section, which truly gives Northumbria Numbers credibility in their operations. And customers can take confidence in their services, as the company is a member of The Cherished Numbers Dealers Association (CNDA).

For Filipinos who are just as passionate with their cars and motorcycles, such a service would surely be popular as well. Though I have encountered none here so far, save for occasional commemmorative plates and special license plates you can buy at a premium.

* This post is for Northumbria Numbers


  1. sir nick, alam mo ba na meron bumili ng car plate number 1 dito sa U.A.E. alam mo kung magkano bili nung bwiset na taong walang magawa sa pera niya? 52.2 million dirhams! which is 574.2 million pesos!!!!!! halos pwede na niya iahon sa kahirapan ang pilipinas tapos binili lang niya para sa plate number?!!!!??? nakakaasar diba?

  2. Chu: Hindi nga? Walang stir?! Hindi naman sya galit sa pera ha?


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