21 July 2008

70s and 80s Toys for Sale

In the mid-90s, I became fascinated with toys from my unforgettable 70s and 80s years and amassed a considerable number of action figures (they're not toys, they're action figures!). I did not play with them though, just the joy of being able to find these and display them in the living room gave me enough satisfaction. I even bought some with boxes kept intact because I dreamed that I will be putting up my very own toy shop ten years hence.

Well... it has been ten years. Time does fly when you're having fun! I contemplated about selling some of my action figures because ever since I transferred apartment and had most of my things hauled off to Baguio, my collection has been all over the place. 75% of my display cabinet's glass panels were shattered and so I had to keep most of them in boxes and containers. I still have some of them here in Manila, actually. But early this week, while sorting them out, I can't part with many of them. The Macrosses, the Autobot Jetfires, the Dragonballs, a vintage Voltes V, a Soul of Chokogin Mazinger Z, various Star Wars items, 80s Transformers ... many of these have sentimental value.

These are the ones I will be parting with, though ...


The various components of this model kit has never been removed from their plastic bags. All decals are present and unapplied.
This kit has metal parts. Though the silver coating has dropped off in some areas, there is no rusting whatsoever.
This is the Soul of Chogokin Mazinger Z Black.
I had the metal body displayed in the cabinet with the original color Mazinger Z. I did not assemble the arms. The only thing I removed from the package is one of the the Hover Pileders which I docked onto his head. The rest of the parts remain sealed and unassembled.

Includes the die cast metal Koji Kabuto figure (below right).
Do you recall the 80s cartoon SilverHawks? I think it was about the same time ThunderCats were shown. I'm selling mine, still sealed in its blister pack.
I Googled this figure and found out that it has become quite a collectible item. Usually, the figure is sold without the box (called loose figure in toy collecting circles), and Tally-Hawk is either not included or sold separately.
This is a more recent acquisition, the super-deformed version of Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz's Heavy Arms.
I had a huge fascination with Macross. The model kit below was one of my purchases which was never assembled. I have a couple of die-cast metal versions which was released in the 80s.
All parts still intact, awaiting assembly. There are some metal components as well.
Lastly, here's the Voltes V De-Classified Book, never opened, although the plastic seal has already torn up at the upper part.

I'm still thinking about where to advertise these to sell... if you're interested though, let me know. I will be advertising them in trade websites soon. Remember, they're not toys... they're action figures!


  1. silverhawks! yeah, they were shown when Thundercats' (thundercats!!!!!) the hottest thing.

    you know what, this reminds me of the movie 40 year old virgin when the character played by steve carrell needs to part with his beloved toys, okay, action figures to sell them online as part of his growing up/moving on stuff, and yes, he had a hard time disposing his collections, but when he sold them all, he got a lot of money.

  2. Zherwin: Same generation ba tayo?

    Oh yeah I remember that movie... although di naman ako ganun ka-nerdy. hehe

  3. Anonymous12:38 pm

    i am interested!

  4. Although I watched these cartoons (mazinger z, voltes 5, voltron, etc) as a kid, I never got around to collecting them as an adult. Good thing b/c I have enough things that I'm still trying to figure out what to do with.

  5. Anonymous6:45 pm

    Wow! Collectors' items, watson! Sigurado ka? :P

  6. Wow, I didn't know they came out with Silver Hawks toys...
    ^ ^;

  7. Cess: Yipee! Pero... paglalaruan lang ito ng kids mo? Sayang yata... hehe

    Wil: I was busy collecting hehe

    Toni: heto, nagdadalawang-isip na. :-(

    Meowok: Nice, di ba? Ito yung toy na tumaas ang price, based on my research.

  8. Anonymous5:28 am

    selling those stuff must have really been so hard in your part...i remember my youngest bro contemplating on selling his comics but later on back-out when a buyer becomes interested & serious in buying his Superman (Death) Edition

  9. Anonymous4:21 pm

    Hi po, most of the time lurker lang po sa maraming blog, but when i saw this entry and i saw that silver hawk toy napacomment po 2loy ako, nabenta nyo na po ba un, coz as far as i remember i also have the silver hawk toy nung bata ako, SteeL Will po ata ung name nya, anyway, pede po bang malaman kung mgkano nyo sya ibebenta?

  10. Cielo: actually I'm not pushing for my action figures to be sold na... parang ayoko na nga e...

    jookay: sounds familiar yung Steel Will ah! Magka-generation ba tayo? Actually nagdadalawang-isip na akong magbenta eh...

  11. Anonymous9:06 pm

    errr, indi po...10 years po ang bata ko sa inyo...(yan medyo magandang pakinggan) sayang naman, pero kung sakaling ibebenta nyo po, sa akin na lang promise d ko aalisin sa box yan...hehehe

  12. jookay: Wala na yung Steel Will mo? Sayang yun. Rare item. Waaah nag-aaral na ako, baby ka pa lang noon?

  13. Anonymous7:58 pm

    sir i'm interested with 80s toys. you may reach me at 0922-8186864

  14. Anonymous3:22 pm


    kunin ko na ung voltes v book.
    also magkano ung macross?

    pls contact me at

    thank you po.

  15. katie1111:55 pm

    how much for silverhawk & voltes v? im_katie11@yahoo.com

  16. i want to buy book voltes v de-classified... is that stil available?? please sent info to dodonk00@yahoo.com if still available... thanks


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