04 July 2008

Hancock: a movie review

The story is about Hancock, a "bum" who craves for alcohol morning, noon and night, and does not care much about life in general because he's an immortal and has been in the planet for the longest time (although he can only recall the last 80 years). But when crime is afoot, off he flies to save to the day. Problem is, his intoxicated body causes so much destruction than a "regular" crime solving method would have done that the millions of dollars lost stood out more glaringly than the "heroic" act that the people of Los Angeles pretty much doesn't want him around.

Life makes a turn for Hancock as a PR agent whose life he saves decides that he can turn things around for Hancock by being his PR agent and coaching him on the do's and dont's of public relations. Problem is, Hancock has become attracted to the PR agent's wife, and things take a turn for the worse...

My thoughts about this movie
The first half hour of the movie successfully introduces Hancock as a "professional bum" who doesn't really care about anything at all but since he has these superpowers and he has a teeny weeny bit of a conscience as he tries to understand why he was that way, he helps out resolve crime in his... well, unique way. He does it whether they like it or not.

However, the movie's strong plot somehow decelerates when the concept of immortality is revealed. I know this is supposed to be fiction and anything can happen in fiction, right? but still... immortals meeting and speedily losing their powers and eternal life because of this contact? I don't buy it. So there were a lot of immortals in the distant past but they all started to die off because they are eternally attracted to each other... if this is so, where did they come from in the first place? Sketchy, that part of the plot is.

Also in superhero stories, there is a supervillain that is just as memorable, if not even more popular than the superhero itself. Superman has Lex Luthor, Batman has the Joker (among others), Hancock has... see? I forgot the name. It was just some regular bank robber who wanted revenge.

Given this rather blurry concept of Hancock's origins and concepts about their race, I enjoyed the first hour, but left me thinking it could have been better by the second hour.


  1. That's what I saw from other reviews. The movie was a good idea, but that it didn't live up to its potential, according to some reviews.

  2. Wil: I feel like talking to Wil Smith. hehe. Yeah... sayang, the movie started out great pa naman but it was not able to sustain the mood.

  3. Anonymous5:08 am

    saw it too. it was an ok movie but not that great. it was a bit slow for me.


  4. kainis ha! labs ko pa naman si will smith at gustong-gusto ko nang panoorin itong pelikulang ito. pero i still will.. kasi nga labs ko si will (hehehe, rhyming)

  5. may nabasa ako sa internet, people are kinda getting tired of will smith always trying to save the world... heh. ako, I got nothing. di ko pa kasi siya napapanood e.

  6. Carlo: Uy kumusta!

    Ate Sienna: Ganun talaga... kahit anong review, basta gusto mo yung actor/actress, panonoorin mo pa rin, di ba? :-)

    Jet: Oo nga ano... it's a recurring theme with his movies. I did not realize that... thanks for pointing it out.

  7. We plan to see this film this weekend so I skipped the spoiler part.

  8. Anonymous12:15 pm

    i skipped the spoiler ha - i like the first part of your review kasi kaya yoko na basahin ang spoiler =)

  9. Weird but I enjoyed the second part more than the first part. Maybe I was in the mood to be melodramatic but that portion where he forced himself to go away was, um, moving. Hehe. The heart on the moon was a little OA though. :)

  10. Lady Cess: Let me know what you feel about the movie!

    Abaniko: Long time no hear! Yeah... Hancock became super senti :-)


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