30 July 2008

Katibawasan Falls in Camiguin Island

Camiguin is truly blessed with rich natural resources, and it has a lot of water-themed tourist spots that entice locals and guests alike to dip into pools and spend the leisurely time away from the hustle-bustle of city life.

The Katibawasan Falls is located at the foot of Mt. Timpoong at Mambajao. There is a wide, parking area near the entrance where souvenir stalls vie for your attention to purchase shirts and trinkets.

Upon paying a minimal entrance fee, a short walk to the falls increases your anticipation as you hear the roaring waters and catch glimpses of the falls between foliage and trees.

The path eventually takes you to a ridge and beyond, a breathtaking view of Katibawasan Falls!

It's a majestic sight! Measured at a drop of 250 feet, I have never seen a waterfall with such height! Cameras clicked feverishly as people scrambled for the best location.

Actually, we did not intend to swim but the water was so inviting! And so take a dip we did.

It was c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-cold-d-d-d-d-d-d-d.

Eventually you get used to it somewhat, but then when you leave the pool, it's even c-c-c-c-c-colder-r-r-r-r-r-r.

My emote moment. Heh

It made me wonder how the top of the waterfalls look like. It's amazing how the water topples off the mountain wall like it's coming from nowhere. It was beautiful, enchanting, and relaxing all at the same time.

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  1. inggit ako!!!

    ngapz... tagged ka!!!

  2. Nice to know that there are still waterfalls in this country na maayos pa. A majority of them have either dried up already, madumi na or, grrr, naging pugad ng pedo...

  3. Mec: Waah... allergic ako sa tags. hehehe

    Meowok: Sad but true. The Hinulugang Taktak was shown in tv some time back... bumubula sya! At ang dumi! Sayang... there was even a song about this falls.

  4. Anonymous12:07 am

    Ang baba naman ng entrance fee.

  5. Ann: Kaya sulit na sulit talaga! :-)

  6. fave ko yan camiguin. sana makabalik ako

  7. Tutubi: Fave place na rin namin. Sayang, ang layo kasi. But at the same time, it's great na hindi sya readily accessible.

  8. I'm just wondering if those entrance fees were collected by a private operator or the local government office.
    I think I just feel luckier (share ko lang experience ko...)
    Fourteen years ago, there were no such thing as entrance fee in that Katibawasan Falls. And there was no way you can get there by car, unless you have that rented single motorcycle with you. In our case, we would just walk for an hour or so from my auntie's house at the poblacion.
    Yes, the falls in indeed enticing, and cold too! And since there would be no people around except us, we would wade into the water totally naked (if you've seen the movie Wild Hogs - it's like that)...
    I said I was luckier then because the falls belong to us all for free, with no entrance fees, no other people around, etc. OMG, I'd surely miss those moments...
    I took photos of this place too but gradually lost my prints and negatives. I should go visit this place again so I can also blog about it. But then, when we had the falls all by ourselves during those times, it was very precious...

  9. Wow Dodong, for you to have been able to see the place in its unspoilt wonder, it truly must have been too beautiful for words. Sayang nawala yung film mo...

  10. Sayang talaga. And those precious moment documented by those films can no longer happen again. Pero one of these days, I'll visit here again - and I'll still shot here in film...

    Tapos, maybe I'll bring my road bike here and use it to tour around the island. Before, we used to tour the whole island with a rented Yamaha DT125. I think 400 pesos pa yata yon renta noong araw...

  11. I'll shot this falls again in film if I can visit the place - even if I can no longer brought back those precious moments when the falls is all for ourselves...


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