08 July 2008

The Sunken Cemetery at Camiguin Island

I have been hearing about the Sunken Cemetery in tourist documentaries but have never found it interesting because for one thing, it's a cemetery! Diving into the cemetery sounded a lot like a spooky adventure to me.

But when a friend said that they were planning to go to Cagayan de Oro and then to Camiguin Island, my curiosity got the better of me. Why not? This can be the chance of a lifetime! Plus, there was a local movie named "Ouija" which featured beautiful Camiguin Island and the Sunken Cemetery. Suspense/horror theme notwithstanding, the scenery was enough to get anyone curious about the island.

We rented a jeepney to take us to the tourist spots, and the Sunken Cemetery was our final destination for that day. We wished to see the sunset there. As we descended the narrow steps towards the shore to take a banca ride going to the cross itself, there were a couple other local tourists about. And just like them, we were wondering where the film Ouija was shot. Wow, that film must have been very popular.

As our banca crossed the quick, less than 5-minute trip, I was half-imagining decomposing hands grasping the boat's edge, overturning it and dragging us to their watery grave. *shudder* Blame it on my increasing fascination with suspense/horror films.

We finally reached the cross and lingered about for some time while our other companions made their way as well. The water was crystal clear; you can actually see portions of the bottom. But the sun as already setting which created shadows beneath us. We returned to the mainland just as the sun started to set. It was a beautiful sight ... for a place that met a violent end with a volcano's unleashed fury.

Snorkeling (I haven't done any diving yet) would have raised the experience a couple of notches higher but sightseeing was all the time we had for the day...

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