23 October 2008

How fast they grow!

Jo-Lo is attending Kindy starting 3rd November!

Kindy, or Kindergarten, is the stepping stone to formal education here in New Zealand. Going to school is mandatory for kids aged 5 and above. Education here til Year 8 (that's high school for us) is free in government-subsidized institutions, though there may be some donations that may be asked for school upkeep. Everything else is provided for. In Jo-Lo's case, all we did was bring along his passport for his "enrollment". Kids aged 3 can start schooling, so they are better equipped with social skills and get acquainted with a classroom atmosphere. Wonderful, isn't it?

He is slowly but surely gaining ground in graduating from his baby talk to phrases we readily understand. A couple of days back we were at Countdown and stocking up on biscuits. We have chosen a few packets when Jo-Lo suddenly blurted out, "Cookie Bear please!" It's a brand which even my wife and I love; the Hundreds and Thousands cookies remind us of Jack n' Jill Pretzels. So Cookie Bear went home with us. For cookies, juice, cereals... Jo-Lo's getting preferences and at the same time he now eats whatever we serve on the table; it was a challenge before in Baguio.

Jo-Lo's really adapting quite well here in New Zealand. And he's growing even faster.
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