16 October 2008

Hot n' Cold in Camiguin Island

I would like to go back, for a blog post, to that wonderful island of Camiguin and its equally wonderful water attractions which we visited last March.

We took a dip in a hot spring, and then in a cold spring. Though the temperatures varied widely, the fun was all the same.

In our first night in the island, we immediately planned for a night out, and so right after hauling our packs into our resort cottages, we made our way to the van which brought us to Ardent Hot Springs.

I will always remember that time because it was the night of the Earth Hour initiative where the world was turning off their lights for one hour. We had a lone lightbulb for the entire party in the open hut turned on and we no longer asked for additional light.

Soon enough we were taking dips in the pool overflowing with warm, relaxing water. It was wonderful, just submerging yourself neck-deep in the water and thinking of nothing else but the fun you're having with friends.

In our day trip, we dropped by another of Camiguin's water attraction:  the Sto Nino Cold Water Spring.  We were literally just going to take a peep, take photos from outside, then move on.  But the entrance fee was so cheap we decided to enter and have our photos taken from inside.  But hey... the water looked so inviting, so... why not spare a few minutes and take a real quick dip?  So dip we did.  And they weren't kidding when they said cold springs!  You eventually become accustomed (numbed?) with the cold but wading out of the water made it even colder!  So stay in the pool we did, for about half an hour or so.

*sigh*  Those were the days.

[photos by friends Yoyo and Dave]


  1. hayyyyyyyy.. ibalik nyo ako sa pilipinassssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ate Sienna: Para magbakasyon? hehe

  3. Looks like a lot of fun with friends and family... and from what I heard and read...the island of Camiguin is the perfect place to do that.

    I hope to reach that place...one day...

    I understand you look back at those day with a lot of nostalgia...

  4. Hello Sidney. Your tattoo series is awesome! Yeah, I hope you can go visit Camiguin Island also one day. It's beautiful there.

  5. Anonymous12:51 am

    Akala ko tuloy sa NZ ito. Homesick na ba agad tito nick?

  6. Hi Ann! Bakit ilang beses na kaming pumunta sa blog mo pero missing in action? Masubukan ulit after this.

    Konting homesickness lang naman po... Di ko lang kasi natapos yung Cagayan-de-Oro - Camiguin post ko kaya siningit ko muna ito :-)


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