09 October 2008

Book Heaven

One thing I admire about New Zealand is their literacy drive. Suburbs in and around Wellington have Libraries. The Library we go to is at Johnsonville. They have quite a collection of books and magazines. I like lounging about and reading Popular Science and Time Magazine. As for the books... you can borrow as many as you like and these stay with you for a month! Whoa. You can also borrow back-issues of magazines for a week. They also have DVDs that you can rent. It's $0.50 for kid's and young adult's, and $2.00 for other DVDs. And they're not your documentaries either. You can rent popular movies and Disney cartoons.

There are also internet terminals where you can browse for half an hour for free. The sites are restricted to government and library resources though. But you can also check the job website Seek.

So how do you avail of the Library Services? Simple. Approach their friendly librarian and ask for a library card. They will require you to fill-up a form, 2 valid IDs (we used our passport and driver's license), and proof of billing (we used our tenancy agreement form). And voila! You get your library card. Only it's not the library card we are accustomed to, where we write down the names of the books we borrow. It's a sort of ID card with a magnetic stripe and barcode at the back. See the cards above? Even Jo-Lo has one!

The library is kid-friendly, with bean bags, an assortment of beginner's books, and some toys. And they have book reading sessions every Tuesdays at 10:30AM.

They have a machine that you can use to check out the books yourself. Simply align the bar code scanner with your ID and scan the books out. Really nice.

We make it a point to drop by the Library whenever we are in town. We have borrowed an assortment of comic books, fiction, New Zealand information, cookbooks... you name it!

You can also return the books in another library. There is a charge for the transfer , however.

Friendly staff, nice collection of books, cozy atmosphere. You can truly get immersed in the world of books.

I heard that the Wellington City Library is an even more amazing sight, where you can listen to music and watch movies in the library itself. Hope we can check it out soon as well.


  1. can you also renew online like here?

    it is good that you have one month.here we have two weeks and three times renewal except for new titles.

    the other day, they have a sale. 10 pocketbooks for one dollar.

    that's 10 cents each and they're still good.

  2. Cathy: I don't think you can do that here, although 4 weeks is already more than enough for me. :-) 10 cents a book is a nice deal!

  3. WAAA! Kaka-inggit, I haven't been inside a library in ages! Alam mo naman dito sa Pinas, gumagamit lang ng library kapag nag-aaral lang, so it's not really a common sight, di ba?

    Hay, nerdy as it sounds, I like hanging out in libraries and being surrounded by books, so I miss going to one. :(

  4. Meowok: Naku, surely you'll love the library here. May manga pa dito! I saw Nadesico one time.

  5. Anonymous3:57 pm

    Wow, nasa NZ na pala kayo. Antagal na ba akong di nagvisit? Goodluck in your family's new adventure there.

    I'm sure everything will turn out great for you there,

    i remember tuloy Ka Uro's blog. You should look there for more tips about living in NZ

  6. nice to see our former librarian ma'am tina holding books again...i used to see her in uc kasi eh...pag nagpapapirma ng clearance kasi tambak ako palagi sa overdue fine...umabot pa nga one time ng 1000+ ang overdue ko eh...hehehe

  7. Leah: Yeah, isa nga sa sa aming sources eh... :-)

    JM: Uy talaga? Here's a trivia for you. Did you know that she's the one who pushed for the changing of the ID cards from paper-based to digital? She also spearheaded the Follet project in the library.


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