06 October 2008

The Wellington Botanic Garden

A bright Wednesday morning saw us walking along the Wellington City thoroughfares, our casual get-up a stark contrast from the dark coats of suits of the office workers bustling about. We were on our way to the Botanic Gardens to see the blooming tulips as it signals the end of winter.

The Wellington Botanic Garden features 25 hectares of unique landscape, protected native forest, conifers, specialised plant collections, colourful floral displays, and views over Wellington city.

It is classified as a Garden of National Significance by the Royal New Zealand Institute of Horticulture and is an Historic Places Trust Heritage Area.

A 5-minute cable car ride goes up the Botanic Garden

Cable car tracks on the foreground, with a majestic view of Wellington beyond.

We visited a souvenir shop /museum nearby which showcased a cable car over a hundred years old!

Lots of people were up and about as it was the 2-week break from school.

Sure, I have seen tulips back in Manila, but they were always in small bunches or in flower arrangements in shops. The tulips in the Botanic Garden was amazing! Delicate colors of yellows and reds and even two-toned ones!

A short while later we were taking a leisurely walk to a path through lush vegetation with trees and flowers.

A pond was soon sighted to our right, with ducks swimming lazily about. We loitered for a bit, and enjoyed seeing other birds taking a bath in the flowing stream nearby.

The kids squealed with delight at the next bend. Jo-Lo did too as he saw the huge playground spread before us.

We had an awesome time at the Botanic Garden. I would like to come back again and see its other attractions such as the Planetarium and collection of cacti. Many thanks to Debbie and sons Diego and Miguel for the wonderful trip!

More photos at the Kaleidoscope World.


  1. Anonymous8:28 pm

    Nice to read your adventures,Nick.Good to know you're having a good lakwatsa time. Mahirap maging immigrant. Ang ganda ng NZ based on this post. Gusto ko tuloy magpunta:)

  2. Anonymous8:28 pm

    Nice to read your adventures,Nick.Good to know you're having a good lakwatsa time. Mahirap maging immigrant. Ang ganda ng NZ based on this post. Gusto ko tuloy magpunta:)

  3. hi sir nick! that garden looks amazing!!!!

    can you post more pictures please? hehehe.. did you happen to see purple tulips? they are one of the most beautiful flowers i have ever seen! waaaaaaaah! pag may isang garden na ganyan.. mamatay ako..

    give jo-lo a hug for me please

  4. Anonymous3:15 pm

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  5. Ajay: Capitalize raw on the "free time" while looking for a job :-) Be sure to bring jackets. malamiiig.

    Dessagirl: for sure, you'd love the botanic garden! Ummm... wala yata akong nakitang purple tulips, but the roses will be out soon and I heard there's a purple variety!

    H: What are the details? Write to me about it. Thannks.

  6. Naks! Sponsor na ang lumalapit sa 'yo! :p

    Please drop by my blogs when you can, may update na, eh. Hehe...


    Particularly yung furry aficionada, may ep. 1 na ng comics and I'd appreciate it if you could give comments and suggestions or even spread the word around. :D

  7. waaaaaaaaa ang ganda jan, gusto din ni Nan jan sigurado, remember may tulip din si Nan dati, alagang alaga nya hehehehe

    si elvie ang nagbabalita sakin kung may new post ka na, text mo din me sa roaming no. or number ko dito, regards kay Atina and Jo-lo

    ingat lagi :)

  8. Doods: ang ganda nga dun sa Botanic Garden! Email ko sa yo ang roaming number namin.

  9. Meowok: ano kayang klaseng sponsorship yun, at bakit kelangan pa nya magtago sa alias? Afraaaiiiddd..

  10. parang kapag ako ang nandyan matataranta ako sa pagpicture hehehe. ang gandang kunan ng mga tulips!

  11. Oh my tulips!!! What a great view. sarap magpractise ng close up photography :)

    Best regards to Tina and Jo-lo.

  12. Zherwin: naku sigurado yun. I really miss my camera...

    Leo: I'm sure you would have loved it as well


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