07 September 2004

Another long Monday at the Office

chapel, originally uploaded by watson.
It's 8:30PM and I'm still here at the office. The "ber" months are usually the busiest time of the year for us Marketing folks. We have yet to arrange the annual Golf Tournament for our clients, plus there's the Christmas giveaways, then the M1 Conference, then the long list of events this September (I counted around 4 so far), and a Principal is after my neck already for a Case Study we are doing with one of our customers...

Not that I'm not grateful. With the state our beloved country is in now, I am thankful that I have a job I can look forward to each waking morning. Plus it puts food on the table too. Reminded me of the homily message of yesterday's mass. The gist of the message is to love our work, and if we are to do something, do your best, for what good is it if you settle for "pwede na (good enough)?" My boss also said that to me when we were having this after-office talk, and I have used that guideline in most of my work. I said "most" because there are times when I commit blunders, and usually it's with a job requested by him. Sometimes I smack myself right at the forehead and ask, "why him?" I do a great job with the others but I seem to blunder when it comes to work requested by him. So much for a promotion.

Anyways, the photo was taken at Greenbelt yesterday at the 6PM mass. It didn't rain, so a small crowd was cozily sitting on the grassy area near the chapel. So sit there we did. It was a cool afternoon. Having mass there is really something. It's different from sitting inside the chapel. It's a relaxing feeling, and it makes you more receptive to the mass.

Back to the office. Still need to do more paperwork before I call it a day. Hmmm. When I started work here, it was normal to leave the office at 11PM. I'd love to arrange for a weekend hike and trek somewhere far away like we used to with my officemates. I think I'll post a photo of our trek in Mt. Majayjay in Laguna in one of my blogs. Uh oh, I'm drifting away again. *slaps forehead* back to work!

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