13 September 2004

Burnham Park's football field

Burnham Park's football field
Burnham Park's football field, originally uploaded by watson.
Hmmm.... The football field is greener than it usually is. My wife, fresh from Baguio, brought back a couple of photos including this one. During summertime, the football field gets a worn-down path right smack in the middle from promenaders.

This football field is testament to happy memories. As a kid, we used to watch movies here during Holy Week. There's this group who would arrive in a van equipped with the movie paraphernailia. They'd set-up a large screen and come nighttime, they show Popeye the Sailor Man (usually the Arabian nights segment). We'd all bring our mats and protect ourselves from the cold with jackets, bonnets, and mufflers. Of course, snacks is a must. When Black Saturday is nearing, they'd show movies significant to the religious event. It is also here where I watched The Sound of Music, and it's become one of my all-time favorites.

As a high school student, I saw the football field get transformed into a sea of linoleum mats after school hours, as breakdancing was the rage those days. Students would do struts and head-spins alongside a boombox and garbed with an oh-so-colorful attire which marked the 80s.

When we did group study in college, we'd simply enjoy the shade of the trees and read. The Public Library was also one of our favorite haunts; it was still in Burnham Park at that time (the old, wooden structure didn't have a chance when the 1990 earthquake struck). I remember my friends and I rushing off to visit this Library after school. The wooden stairs, heavy shelves and cabinets, the smell of old books, the quaint atmosphere ... it was so much different from the brightly-lit, cement structure of a library we had in school.

At the background you can see the new SM mall. From the football field you can surmise just how big the structure is, just one of the many reminders that Baguio is rapidly changing.

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