12 September 2004

foot-long footlong and dinner delight

footlong, originally uploaded by watson.
I left the house around 4PM to drop by Joseph's place (one of my good buddies here) so we can buy a prepaid internet card which I need for my research.

There was this food 'stall' which did not sell the regular street fare. Instead they had french fries, hotdog sandwiches, burgers ... you get my drift. I have no problem with sanitary concerns of street food, especially when the vendor is a friend of mine! Joseph was still cooking rice, so I decided to have a bite.

That's Rommel in the photo holding a footlong. It comes with coleslaw, mayo, cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, and it costs only 25 pesos (that's less than 50 US cents)! I was talking about the footlong, but for the sake of art, Rommel is also a friend and Joseph's neighbor. Now rewind to the humongous sandwich: I myself can't finish one, so I split mine up with one of my other friends there.

In front of Joseph's house, they were cooking two dishes over charcoal: monggo (little green seeds that's as nutritious as meat) and bulalo (yum yum!). The beef had to be continously cooked from 1PM til around 5PM to make it tender, and the soup sumptous. They invited me over to dinner, and since my wife is in Baguio preparing her academic documents hence I was not exactly going back to a home-cooked meal, I was more than happy to join them. They are excellent cooks, and the food was great. We ate right in front of their house, and the food was also shared with other friends.

They actually do this nearly everyday, and they are already planning tomorrow's menu: perhaps kare-kare (pork cooked with vegetables including the banana heart thingy and peanut butter sauce - great with alamang! [shrimp paste]), or pochero (beef in soup with vegetables and saba [a type of banana used in cooking]). My wife just texted me saying the binding of her thesis isn't done yet, so she has to stay an extra day there. Now you know where I'll be having dinner tomorrow!

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