17 September 2004

The vacation that never was

Grande Island
Grande Island, originally uploaded by watson.
Last summer, Team Marketing and Mr. Aboga of HR went on a field trip to visit potential outing venues for the company outing. We went to two places, but I'd like to mention the second one: Grande Island. This is situated in Subic. We had to take a speedboat going there.

The last time I was in Grande Island was in 1994. My, my. Times has certainly changed. The major overhaul they did to the place is simply fantastic. When you enter the place, you go through this main 'road' from the docking station. At night the path is illuminated by torches. The place looks like the passageway to Jurassic Park. What sort of adventure awaits guests?

Pass through the gazebo (see the photo's background) and you're greeted with this huge expanse surrounded by posh cottages and in the middle is the swimming pool! This is man-made, and is an extension of the sea (which means salty water). A section is being segragated for fishing.

We visited the major spots and visited the cottages on a guided tour. And then we were left by ourselves for the rest of the afternoon til the boat arrives to take us back. It was relaxing.

It was also expensive. The company did not push through with the outing, but Team Marketing nonetheless had a good time with the field trip. And that was the vacation that never was.

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