11 April 2007

Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera was one of those "so near and yet so far" places for me. Friends have said that it's so near and accessible from Manila. I didn't believe them. I mean, how can a popular beach area be so near this crowded place?

But with our Sagada vacation cancelled last week, we hastened to make last-minute trip decisions. And Puerto Galera it was.

Peak season = throngs of people. Didn't mind at all. I would love to see Puerto Galera during off-season too, though.

Bars are in adequate supply by the shore, with Bob Marley singing to the groove of the summer heat.
Shirts! beach wear! Bracelets! Ref magnets! Souvenir shops vie for attention.
Jo-Lo had a wonderful time playing with the sand. He got his feet wet too.
What's beach life without barbecue? We had meals in some of the restaurants...

... and when we got quite settled in, we brought out our cooking skills! Yoyo (the guy at left) was able to get a great deal on a whole tuna for our dinner. Yum yum!
I remember my wife Tina was quite timid at getting into the water for snorkeling last year at Boracay. Now, she's become more adventurous and tried it on her own while I looked out for baby Jo-Lo in the boat. Go Dearest!
Watching the sun set by the beach was really nice. For a couple of late afternoons, we just sat by the beach, listened to the waters crash to the shore, with the other people milling about and having a great time, and watch the sun turn from a a yellowish hue, to a mesmerizing red as it finally calls it a day and takes a dip in the waters of Puerto Galera.

Now that I've been there, I still couldn't believe how relatively close and accessible it is from Manila! A really nice escape from the hustle and bustle of Manila. And you can really have a great time there without creating a hole in your pocket during off-peak season.

Thanks to my old and new friends who made the stay memorable!


  1. Wow! Sounds like a wonderful and relaxing vacation! Too bad it is already finished! :-(

  2. Anonymous12:09 am

    Mukhang nag enjoy kayo tito nick ah. Noong holy week ba yan?

    Tandaan ko yung comment mo kay jho sa init ng araw kaya ka pala may cover dyan...hehehe.

  3. Anonymous4:29 am

    enjoy na enjoy talaga kayo ha!! yung bbq siguro ang mahal nila noh?! hehehe! nakita ko yung inihaw na talong... saraaapp!

    alam mo ba kuya, ni minsan hindi pa ako nakapunta sa beach dyan sa atin! naku.... naiingit ako ngayon! hehehe!!

  4. Anonymous10:18 am

    havent been to galera, feeling ko rin sobrang layo. pero siguro nga ganito ako mag isip kasi hindi pa ako napupunta.

    ganda ng pic mo ng sunset :)

  5. Sidney: Yeah, it was over too soon.

    Ann: Hehehe yes... nagbabalat pa nga sunburn ko sa dun eh. Nagtataka sila kung bakit may sunburn na ako eh kararating pa lang namin.

    Rho: Bilib it or not, kahit peak season eh ok naman price ng food dun. Accommodations ang nag-balloon talaga!

    Cess: Naku when you go there magugulat ka talaga on how easy it is to reach from Manila.

  6. Never been there, but it sounds like a nice place to visit one day. My list of places to visit just keeps growing. Hopefully, I'll actually visit some of those places on my list. :-D

  7. sarap naman...nakatikim ka ng tubig dagat.. did jolo enjoyed it?

  8. hi sir nick! i agree.. trips to puerto are always a blast! did you ride the banana boat?

  9. Anonymous5:44 am

    Oh, I've never been there either. It's great to know you had a wonderful vacation. Sarap talaga magbakasyon with the family. Sarap pa ng tuna! :)

  10. I have never been to Puerto Galera, but gauging from the pics, I so so will enjoy it if I do go there.

    I so enjoy BBQs at the beach. Food just tastes a whole lot yummier if you eat it grilled right after you came from the ocean! hehehe

    P.s. Too bad your Sagada trip got nixed.

  11. Anonymous11:55 am

    alam mo ba na hanggang ngayon eh di pa ako nakakapunta sa PG? eh taga Manila lang naman ako. tama ka so near yet so far! hehehe. ang saya saya ng mga kuha, ang ganda rin ng sunrise pic!

  12. Anonymous2:04 am

    Ang ganda! Next time try look through your lens at Encenada Beach Resort, on the other side of White Beach going towards Muelle and Sabang, PG. Very peaceful and cool.



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