05 April 2009

DST blues

Daylight Saving Time (DST) officially ends today. This is the day we take back the time we "lost" when DST started late last year. But for us, it was not as simple as that unfortunately. We got all confused... should we wind back our time to an hour back, or an hour forward?

When things are bound to go wrong, things will go wrong. Some dude called Murphy said that, and he's right.

We turned back our clocks to an hour, and we ended waking up at 7:00 this morning but it was still pitch black outside! We checked the computer time but we were really dubious about this because a Windows fault has reset the DST at least a couple of weeks in advance so we felt we couldn't rely on it, even with Google search.

So we tuned in to BBC News on the telly. Luckily it announced world times, including New Zealand's. We were a couple of hours early from the actual time! It was only 5:30! We jumped back into bed. Good thing it's a Sunday! Zzzzz...


  1. Anonymous9:29 am

    Yup that's the downside- feels like you're waking-up at 5am (we had our time adjusted a few weeks ago). The advantage is when you come home it feels like it's 3pm. Marami ka pang pwedeng gawin. Kapag summer time dito sa US may araw pa kahit 7pm-8pm.


  2. Carlo: winter is upon us here in New Zealand, so when the clock was moved forward, the night seems to arrive sooner. But when it was summer, kahit 8:30PM may araw pa rin!


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