26 July 2009

Empire Movie Magazine's 100 Issue Special

I rarely write about magazines I read, but I had so much fun reading this that I had to share it with you. The Empire Magazine's July 2009 100 Issue Special - the biggest issue ever - contained a host of articles that I loved.

First off is the Goonies Special. You know, the 80s movie about a bunch of kids who called themselves the Goonies? Well, that movie is now 24 years old! Imagine that. I can still remember when it was being shown in Baguio City's Session Theater in the Philippines. A huge speaker system was set-up outside the cinema and it played Cyndi Lauper's "Goonies 'R' Good Enough". Actually, I was able to watch the movie years later through VHS but it was indeed a fun and very memorable film! And it was great reading up on what the cast was up to and get into the conversation they had at the reunion.

And then there was the Empire 100th issue Portfolio: photos of big name stars doing a pose based on a film they had become connected with. There was John Hopkins and Jodie Foster for Silence of the Lambs, Sam Neill for Jurassic Park, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint for Harry Potter, and Laurence Fishburne for The Matrix, to name a few. Hey, how come there's no Star Wars?

There is a timeline of Empire covers, though, and quite a number were Star Wars covers!

It was also great seeing Zoolander do his famous Blue Steel look! That was in 2001, a memorable movie because my wife was having Jo-Lo then and we loved watching this movie over and over.

And then there was this countdown for 100 Things that Rocked Empire's World. That was awesome!

There's also an article on The Shining which my wife was able to watch recently on TV (and I was not able to watch from the start so I didn't finish it, so now I regret that), and there's a Terminator article...

Did I mention it's chock full of interesting stuff? Grab a copy... buy it, borrow it, read it. Awesome work.

Watch The Goonies Anniversary Reunion on YouTube!

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