23 July 2009

Volunteers needed for eDay

From the eDay website:
Recycling electronic waste (e-waste) enables the recovery and reuse of valuable materials and ensures toxic materials are not buried in our landfills - so it's better for our environment.

eDay is a cars-only drive-through recycling event which gives you the opportunity to recycle old computers or mobile phones in an environmentally sustainable way.

Over 16,550 cars dropped off 87,056 items during eDay 2008. A total of 946 tonnes of e-waste was diverted from our landfills. This year we hope to divert over 1,000 tonnes of e-waste from New Zealand landfills.

eDay 2009 is to be held on Saturday 12th September 2009.

eDay is seeking volunteer assistance to make eDay 09 possible in Wellington. For now, eDay is the most sustainable approach to collecting, rehoming and safely salvaging from what is otherwise the fastest growing waste stream in our landfills.

If you have time to give on the 12 September, please contact Lucie and Mike. The day promises to be rewarding, fun and based on previous experience, a little bit frantic! In order to run it though, eDay needs volunteer support.

Also, please ask around and invite others who may be interested in helping. It can be more fun doing this with people you know and groups are welcome!

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