07 July 2009

It's not yet over for Baguio's Convention Center forested area

Before we left the country last year, I was keen on what had been happening over the forested area at the Convention Center in Baguio City, the Philippines. As I have mentioned before, the pine trees were planted there when I was around Grade 2. I saw the trees grow and the area become a desolate piece of land into a place rich with life and reflects what Baguio City is all about - a city of Pines. That lot was threatened to developments by GSIS and SM. I learned recently that it still is being fought for.

Frankly, we do not need any more large-scale construction in Baguio City. Last year, look to your left and right and you will see construction everywhere. More concrete is being planted than trees. And it was trees and the idyllic atmosphere that made Baguio famous in the first place. Sure, development is great, but at the rate it is happening in Baguio, it is not development at all. Where before you can walk around freely and the city sleeps at 8 and the scent of trees are all over, you now have humongous traffic jams, pollution, overpopulation, and increased crime rate.

And frankly, if a residential/condominium space is built on that area, I will tell all my friends and ask them to tell their friends to NEVER patronize the place because it was built on fallen trees for the sake of moneymaking.

Same goes to that SM Baguio. Many trees were felled on that area and they fooled the people by saying a resort was going to be built there, only to reveal later on that it was going to be a mall. Sure, it gave us updated movie screenings but what else is there? We've lost the trees there and the land they grew on, and we can no longer get it back. Do we want to lose more land and trees?

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  1. Anonymous8:25 pm

    ang lungkot naman. paborito ko pa naman ang Baguio. the last time i went there was three years ago. ang laki na nga ng ipinagbago kumpara sa Baguio nung bata pa ako. paano pa kaya ngayon? sayang naman.:(

    napadaan lang po.

  2. Moonsparks: salamat sa pagdaan. Yeah... porke dinadayo ang isang lugar ay dapat tayuan ito ng kung anu-ano. Sa Baguio, pag nawala ang mga pine tree, ano pa ang magiging unique sa kanya para dayuhin? E ngayon pa lang, polluted na e...

    Meowok: pera-pera ang usapan.


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