08 July 2011

And our beloved Astromech Droid is number one!

Newsarama.com counted down the 10 coolest robots in pop culture history, and no other than R2-D2 topped the list!  Being a huge fan of the astromech droid myself, this comes as no surprise.  My personal list would change in the 2-9 ranking compared with theirs, but their top choice is without contest.

In celebration of this news, I am showing here my collection of R2-D2 figures, all of which are back in the Philippines (save for a small R2-D2 Lego figure).

Back: Pizza Hut R2-D2 tumbler when the Star Wars Special Edition was shown in cinemas the 90s; a cookie jar, a lunch box.
Middle: A resin figure which I assembled and painted in the early 90s (a hobby during that time); a platform that opens out for smaller Star Wars action figures.
Front: A heavy, die-cast metal keychain; a radio.

Count down the 10 coolest robots in Newsarama

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