31 July 2011

Five websites I love visiting

Save for my usual technology and movie haunts, here are five websites I always make a point of visiting at least once a week.  You might find my favourites interesting too!

TED (http://www.ted.com/)
Inspiring talks and ideas. One could spend hours trawling through the website and listening to short but informative and inspiring talks. Never fails to make me smile and wonder.

PostSecret (http://www.postsecret.com/)
One of my early-in-the-week routines.  Gives a good start to my Mondays (or Tuesdays, if Monday is a busy day).

Engrish.com (http://www.engrish.com/)
After PostSecret, I usually head over to Engish.com.  Hilarious!

ImprovEverywhere (http://improveverywhere.com/)
This one takes more time to go through because there's the video, then a behind-the scenes narrative, comments, and photos.  I usually visit this site on Fridays, when things are winding down for the weekend.

ReadyMade (http://www.readymade.com/)
The ultimate DIY site!  Not a DIY person myself (owing to the fact that I spend a lot of time pounding away on the keyboard and not with a hammer) but this site is inspiring.  Who knows, I just might find the right motivation to make DIY something one of these days.

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